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Kelli and I cannot thank you and MetLife enough for the wonderful, prompt, and compassionate work that you all have done in our time of need. From the first phone call to Deana to the arrival of Paul on-site, everything was handled 100 percent. It is a very stressful time when things like this happen, and when your insurance company takes all that away, the feeling is just relief. I realize our claim is not over yet, but it sure makes us proud that we have MetLife on our side.

Again, thank you all for wonderful customer and claim service. I told Kelli I will never again doubt an agent when they say, “We need to up the coverage a little bit.” If it was not for Deana doing that for us, we might have been in trouble.

Steve C.
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I am writing to compliment Ricky’s professionalism, efficiency, and incredible service. From the moment Ricky called to present himself as the claims representative for MetLife, he was exemplary in every way. He said what would happen and saw to it that it did, indeed, happen. The time he spent inspecting our roof, reviewing the damage, and assessing our roof after the horrendous winds of June 23, 2019, indicated to us the level of his abilities. He truly represents MetLife well. He explained what would happen and how. He indicated he would send detailed information and shortly after our meeting, it was already in my inbox.

In this day and age, service has lost its meaning and translation to others in most cases. It is certainly not the case with MetLife. We are confident we will continue to have an excellent relationship with MetLife and look forward to having a safe and dependable roof over our heads. Our compliments to you, your staff, and Ricky. Thank you so very much for your excellent service! What a delight to work with those who do what they say when they say it.

Gregory & Sandra B.
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You have been so kind and nice! My experience with MetLife has been nothing but exceptional. The service I received during this unfortunate event has been top-notch. I cannot thank you enough for making me feel like everything is going to be OK and making it so easy for me. Please share my experience with your superiors. You have been so unbelievably kind and wonderful!

Ingrid P.
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I just had an awful experience with leaking water pipes damaging my floors and flooding my bathroom. We could not use our downstairs bathroom for some time, and the wood floors had warped. It was just a mess!

We were assigned to Chantel. She walked us through every part of the process, stayed in touch with us constantly, and came out and assessed the damage. She was right on in telling us what was going to happen next. She was understanding, compassionate, and determined to see a good outcome for us. I wanted you to know that I have been with MetLife for 21 years and was thinking about changing companies before this. The service and the great one-on-one experience we had has changed my mind.

Sonia D.
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I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the superior customer service I received. Mike is the consummate customer service agent. He provided prompt and courteous responses to all my concerns. He really made a stressful situation manageable! I can’t thank him enough for his invaluable assistance.

Frances C.
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I’m sure you know the insurance industry has long had a reputation for making the claims process difficult. Whether deserved in many cases or not, the perception persists.

I’m writing to let you know that Lori’s performance handling my roofing claim completely embodies the spirit of turning that typical customer service reputation on its head!

The claim was reported a number of months after a severe hailstorm damaged my roof and many of those in my neighborhood. Lori has been a comfort and a voice of assurance that MetLife would be there to take care of me completely in the process. It was one more potential worry I could completely forget about. When the new roof was done and the final invoice paid, Lori contacted me within hours to let me know the final reimbursement check would be quickly sent.

That’s just amazing! I greatly appreciate her prompt and very professional service. It means a lot to me. In fact, the early well-handled claim response was the reason I decided to move my auto and PELP insurance to MetLife so everything is consolidated with MetLife.

Vincent B.
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I want to thank MetLife. We lost our home to a fire last year in June. To say that the past year has been challenging would be an understatement.

Mark was a tremendous help in navigating our way back home. He was very professional, patient, and courteous. If we brought forth a question, it was promptly answered and explained.

Mark is truly an asset to your organization and needs to be recognized as such. Again, we are very pleased with the support and service provided.

Kevin P.
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I want to share feedback of the first class experience I had with MetLife! Really, it truly was top-notch. I’ll be honest. It wasn’t what I expected from an insurance company. My turn-of-the-century barn fell down during a wind storm and became a real devastating setback! These things have a large impact on one’s life. I was not looking forward to dealing with this, especially since I’ve never filed an insurance claim in my life.

I really can’t believe the professionalism that I experienced, all the way from the start of the process to the end. Mark was excellent! He followed through professionally. I believe excellence should be recognized. I’d have to say that in all fairness, he was one of the finest individuals I’ve ever had the pleasure of resolving issues with.

What could have been a devastating experience was comfortable and calming. I appreciated the whole experience, including the communication portal. Thank you so much for taking care of me. To me, MetLife is the best.

Thomas L.
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I am writing to let you know that it was a pleasure to deal with our adjuster, Kyle. We had water damage in our basement, and the money and support from MetLife came almost immediately. Kyle was kind, listened to our concerns and did an excellent job explaining how our claim would proceed. This is our first claim with MetLife. They say in the insurance world that you get what you pay for, and we are grateful for the help. Thanks again.

Steven Z.
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Thank you! I manage a collision repair center, and customer service is key. I hear stories all the time about how bad insurance companies are. I try to tell people that most are there to take care of people, and unfortunately there have been some bad apples that make the industry look bad. The claim has been super easy to deal with and everyone was happy to explain everything. MetLife and everyone involved has been phenomenal. Thank you again!

Shane L.
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I want to thank you again for all your help and for making this process so efficient and easy to navigate. It means so much. Not only from the financial side but also by making us feel we had moral support through this difficult situation.

Bozurka M.
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It has taken a while to write this letter of thanks for the wonderful work of Seth, your senior property adjuster, who handled our claim back in October of 2017. But better late than never, as they say.


We could not be more pleased with the outstanding service Seth provided us. I must say, we were a little surprised at how easy the whole process was and how respectfully Seth treated us during a stressful time. We have heard the horror stories of dealing with insurance companies and claims, and we were ready to fight the battle. It never happened. Seth went above and beyond to take care of us and our home. We called, he answered. We had an issue with contractors, he helped fix it. Items not initially addressed were quickly resolved to our absolute satisfaction.


So thank you to Seth and to MetLife for making our “mini-crisis” a time that was handled with care and professionalism. We are grateful to both Seth and your company and are delighted to have MetLife insuring all aspects of our life.

Lucinda M.
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Thank you so much for making this process so painless for us! This is the first time we have ever had to file a home insurance claim, so we did not know what to expect. All the people we dealt with — you, the adjustor and the ServPro workers — were professional and answered any questions we had. It is such a relief use ServPro, a company dedicated to knowing how to properly clean up water damage. It gives us great peace of mind to know that any mold was taken care of, especially since there was sewer water involved. As for your instructions on how to deposit the claim, they were very clear. Again, thank you for all of your help!

Linda & David S.
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My wife and I have been customers of MetLife for a long time, insuring our home and all of our cars. This was our first claim. We experienced significant damage from a very strong storm a few weeks ago. This was a very stressful time trying to get our home back to some sort of “normal.” Randy, the insurance adjuster, came to assess the situation. I was expecting conflict, but was pleasantly surprised to experience Randy’s easygoing, kind personality. He authorized us getting a stove and small refrigerator immediately, as the first step toward normalcy. He took a good look at everything and assessed fairly. He even got back to us with a question about the tree that fell, which was in fact covered due to our policy. He was very thorough and got back to us right away on everything. We really appreciate his enthusiasm and will continue to do business with MetLife for years to come.

Matthew & Beverly B.
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On January 2 of this year, a water line in our attic burst and flooded our entire kitchen. We called our MetLife agent, Ricky, and he contacted Mike, one of the adjusters in our area. Mike came out immediately and assessed our damage. He worked very quickly to get our claim check processed and back to us so that we could begin the cleanup and renovation.


Because of some contractor mistakes and delays due to bad weather, it has taken a lot longer than usual for our project to be finished, but Mike was there all the way through, making sure we had what we needed and offering help along the way.


Thank you for standing with us and for us through this process.

Marcia W.
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I apologize for how late I am in sending this thank you note. Words can’t express how happy I was that Josh was assigned to my claim. Your understanding and calming personality combined with Josh’s professionalism made you a great team, especially at a stressful time in my life. I felt so reassured that MetLife was going to be there for me.


I always knew I had a great insurance company, which is why I’ve been insured with MetLife for 30+ years. My Life, Auto, Home, Excess Liability and Boat are all with MetLife, and I couldn’t be happier. Josh did a fabulous job processing my claim and clearly explained the process to me. Being four weeks out of open-heart surgery wasn’t really good timing for me when this damaged occurred, but you both calmed me, and I was so relieved to call my wife and tell her “we’re covered” and that everything was going to be fine.


I have many neighbors who aren’t as happy with their insurance company’s response. I cannot say enough great things about our experience with you and Josh, and I’m thinking that MetLife may be picking up some new customers in my area. Please keep up the excellent customer service — you may never know how much it means to us at these difficult times, but for your customers, the value of your compassion and expertise is immeasurable.


Thank you to you and Josh once again.

Joseph C.
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I just wanted to advise you as to how awesome your employee, Don, is. MetLife has been an incredible insurance company for us over the past several years. Despite some recent damage to our home, Don made the process comfortable and easy with a very quick turnaround so we can get our home back to normal ASAP. We chatted for a while, and I understand he logs many miles on the road to complete his job, so he too must be exhausted. That said, his job performance was exceptional.

Robert L.
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Just got back from vacation and thought I would have to call the adjuster, Josh, to make sure my claim was making progress. Gave Josh a call and everything was done and the check was in the mail, so I could start focusing on the repair. Josh has exceeded my expectations, and I’m glad he was assigned to help me through this stressful time. Thanks.

Michael B.
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Thank you, Andrew. I must tell you, we are stunned at how quickly this has been resolved. I thought it would take weeks. Apparently, MetLife knows what customer service is all about! Again, thanks.

Neil H.
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I just wanted to recognize the outstanding service provided to us by your claims adjuster, Joshua. He was very helpful and knowledgeable and made a very difficult situation a little more bearable. He handled our claim promptly and professionally, while also bringing a personal touch to his job. He is what customer service is all about.

Brian C.
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One week ago today, my husband and I were the unlucky recipients of news that we had a pipe leaking under our house. In what can only be described as a silent panic, my husband and I called plumber after plumber to see if one of them could help us determine why we were having these problems.

After finding out an out-of-sight pipe was the issue, we called our agent. Unfortunately, we seemed to be a bit brushed off (just my opinion) and in not so many words told, “Sorry, that’s not covered.” Distraught, and somewhat in shock, we began calling contractors who we hoped had time for us on short notice. I was beginning to think we were going to wind up with one of those horror stories about their homeowners insurance not being there for us when we needed them. While waiting for calls back from contractors, my husband decided to call the “main” MetLife number for claims. I wish we had the name of the woman who initially took our call, as she was reassuring and informative which helped calm the situation quite a bit. She told us we were doing the right thing by calling back and that we would get a call from an adjuster. Not long after that, my husband got the call from Todd.

I don’t think I have the proper words to explain how grateful we are that Todd was assigned to us. With his first phone call, we began to see a small light at the end of the tunnel beginning to shine. Finding out that we essentially had no hot water until the issue was repaired was not something that a family with a seven-year-old and an infant wanted to hear. Todd held our hands for the process. He was thorough and clear with what information we needed to get him. He was prompt in his calls and email responses. We knew leaving the problem unfixed would likely cause so much more severe damage, to say the least, so his efficiency was well noted – and so appreciated.

I wanted to send this note because today the repair is underway. That is less than one week, and we are on our way to having hot water back in our lives and mitigating any further serious damage to our home. Simply: Thank you to Todd and MetLife for being there when we needed you to be.

Kimberly S.
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I never do this, but I feel I needed to let you know that your agent Darlene is an asset to your company.

The floor joists were repaired Friday, and I had a new water tank installed Sunday. I would like to thank her so very much for her assistance in getting me back to normalcy. I will never forget all she did to put my life back together. She’s amazing.

Had it not been for her going to bat for me with the condo association, I would still be out of my condo without hot water. I was without hot water for three and a half weeks and the association tried to fault me for a structural issue. Darlene called and wrote a letter on my behalf. I was broken, tired and heading to a depressed state. She was very kind, understanding and helped me through the entire process as much as she could and always returned my calls in a timely manner.

I have never tried to sell anyone on any company, but I will be spreading the word to switch to a company that truly is on your side. Kudos to MetLife for hiring such a wonderful, kind and hardworking agent that made a difficult process so much easier.

Connie B.
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Wow, that was easy. The money was deposited today. I can’t say how easy you made a potentially difficult situation just the opposite. I’m grateful.

Thomas S.
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It was a pleasure working with you as my claims representative/adjuster. The circumstances weren’t ideal, but what insurance claim is? It’s good to know that when calamity comes, MetLife is on my side! You were very responsive throughout every step of the process and made our situation a priority. Everyone who worked on our home commented positively on the way that MetLife was handling things. For an insurance company, your service was above par.

Gregory C.
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I am very impressed by the professionalism and speed with which you handled this claim. There was excellent customer service and an easy claim process. Great experience! I will be highly recommending MetLife to others. Thank you.

Thomas S.
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I am writing to express my sincere appreciation for the outstanding service and attention to detail provided by Audrianna. She was a pleasure to work with because she took the time to understand my situation and address all my concerns. She was also knowledgeable and efficient in the process. She approached my situation with empathy and urgency. She is a true professional and does outstanding work.

Matthew M.
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Now that my garage rebuild is complete after an eight-month “struggle,” I would like to thank you for the services you provided.

After hearing the horror stories of several people who have gone through similar circumstances and have experienced more than a little resistance from their insurance carrier, I can’t tell how pleased I am with both you and MetLife.

We had problems with the heat and rain this summer, plus issues hiring contractors to remove the old garage, extricate the car, dig up and replace the old footings and foundation and finally get the garage rebuilt. I’ve got to say I am more than completely satisfied with your personal performance and MetLife as a company through this whole process.

I appreciate your quick response after being sent to New Jersey from North Carolina to help out in this area after our freakish storm. You got me an immediate estimate with a check and followed up in a quick fashion as the project progressed when I had to make a few requests for more funds due to a contractor oversight on certain cost aspects of the process. And you honored the provision in my contract, which allowed me to replace the footings and foundation to meet the current building codes.

I also appreciate my policy provision to charge only one deductible instead of one for the car claim and one for the garage, plus the provision to pay me $20 per day for not renting a car while we were waiting to get it extricated from the garage and a decision was made to total it. Those credits allowed me to almost close the price gap between our replacement car and the one destroyed by the tree falling on the garage.

I don’t think I have ever seen an advertisement for this insurance product that combines house, car and a million dollar liability package.

I got it quite by accident when someone stopped by to check on my MetLife life insurance policy. I, along with most people I talk to, are not even aware that MetLife sells anything but life insurance! Again, thanks for everything, and if you ever get reassigned up here again, give me a call. I would enjoy taking you out for dinner.

Ronald H.
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I am writing to you regarding my recent claim experience with MetLife. I wanted to let you know that Megan has been nothing short of excellent throughout what I was expecting to be a long and terrible few months. She is an excellent communicator and was a great resource for me throughout what turned out to be only weeks. Megan was able to answer my questions and was timely in communicating with the remediation company to get work started within two days of the initial claim. She was also wonderful in dealing with the contractors who submitted their quotes for repair and in releasing funds to me so I didn’t have to work out of pocket. I remain impressed with how quick and smooth the process was, and I’m even more impressed with the time everything took from start to finish.
I could not be more pleased that I was fortunate enough to have had Megan assigned to my claim as she made an otherwise unpleasant event into a tolerable experience. She acted with true professionalism and is a positive reflection on MetLife.

Jeffrey B.
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We had to place a claim several weeks ago due to storm damage on our property. This was during a busy time for us — our wedding was right around the corner, and I was dealing with some health issues. To say the least, it was stressful.

I wanted to reach out to you about the claims adjuster that was assigned to our claim. I know that many times companies only get complaints from their clients. Having held a leadership position for a national company, I can certainly attest to that fact. That is why when I deal with an individual that not only represents their company extremely well but goes above what might be required of them, I like to reach out and notify their manager.

Catherine was professional and extremely knowledgeable when discussing the various items that were damaged. Catherine was also very caring about our situation and understood that it was stressful for us. She made us feel very comfortable with the evaluation process and also assured us that it would be quickly resolved, which, by the way, it was!

Catherine also followed up with us on several occasions after her initial visit to make sure all was proceeding well and to make sure there wasn’t anything amiss.

Thanks to you, Catherine and MetLife!

Lois M.
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As a customer of MetLife, I never thought that I would have to deal with this issue. Then bad luck struck: My house burned to the ground.

Friends and family – based on their previous experiences with other insurance companies – warned of a frustrating and difficult time ahead of me. Not true when dealing with MetLife.

My case was assigned to Gary. I immediately received an email with a detailed explanation about the process, coverage and other related information. Gary also contacted me by phone to make sure that I understood everything.

Since I had no previous experience, I had questions. Gary took the time to answer them and did an excellent job keeping me informed with the details.

MetLife is a very good insurance company, and the people working for the company make it even better. Gary did an excellent job, and I will always refer my family, friends and associates to MetLife.

I’d like to express my appreciation to MetLife, and especially Gary, for all his help and understanding during this difficult time for me.

Rosen C.
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I wanted to let you know what a positive experience I had dealing with Jonathan. I had a septic water problem at my house, and I filed my first claim in 30 years. I was very inexperienced in dealing with something like this and looked to MetLife for assistance. Jonathan was professional, courteous, and very competent. Jonathan used his expertise and knowledge to effectively negotiate with the vendor to lower their price and settle the claim efficiently and quickly. He is a real credit to your organization and MetLife in general. I would highly recommend MetLife to others. Thanks again, Jonathan, for a wonderful experience!

Lynn B.
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We wanted to let you know that we are very pleased with the manner in which our claim was handled by MetLife, and in particular by Chiquita. She is an excellent communicator, and she guided us through the process in a most professional manner. She is an excellent representative for the company. The use of the claims experience website was a new approach for us, though it may have been in use for years. The instant uploading and downloading of documents and pictures was very effective and made communication quick and easy. Thank you to all of the people who helped out.

Robert & Lucy T.
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Thank you so much for your quick, professional response. At such a stressful time, it was reassuring to have you assess the situation and prepare your report so quickly and thoroughly. This is the first time in my life that I have had to file a homeowners claim, and I am so grateful for MetLife’s response. It is not easy to be displaced from one’s home, but having you on my team certainly gives me peace of mind. You’re the best!

Monica F.
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Thanks again for all your help. We all have new roofs at our development, and most of us have had all interior damage fixed as well. We still have not totally fixed our ceiling in our front room but will be doing so once the weather improves. This process was definitely a learning experience, and to be very honest, based on feedback from all of the homeowners in our development, the service you provided to us during this terrible ordeal was by far the best of any insurance company and the best of any insurance adjuster. Thanks again. Hopefully we won’t need your services again anytime soon.

Linda K.
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My family and I recently had a sewage backup in our basement. This came at the worst possible time in our lives with so much already going on, plus it was a very busy time of year. We filed a claim for the first time ever. We were concerned about the process being somewhat cumbersome, and having to go through this was already draining us.

However, this experience has been anything but cumbersome. Todd has been extremely attentive and considerate, and he answered all of our questions quickly and clearly. He helped us understand the process and way it all works. The process was effortless and stress-free. I wanted to send a note to say how helpful and wonderful Todd has been during this process. Thank you!

Regina B.
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We had a water event in our upstairs bathroom a few weeks ago. What we initially thought was just some water on the floor from a broken toilet float turned out to be much more substantial. We had just completed a full remodel of our home 10 months ago.

We called MetLife. The person who took our call told us that a claims adjustor would call us the next day. Lisa called, as promised, and came to our home. She was curious, knowledgeable, and empathetic. She was a pro, and it showed. With just a few additional emails our claim was wrapped up and the funds deposited for us to begin repairs.

Lisa is what great service looks like in action. We are thankful we are insured with MetLife. There is more to insurance than a premium and a payout. Lisa made the difference.

Timothy & Rosemary B.
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We are back in our home and had a thank-you open house this past Saturday evening for our contractors, the fire department, and everyone else who helped us out on this end. About 40 guests came by, ate a few treats, and checked out their personal work with pride as they experienced the collective final project. The shop talk was fun to hear, as well as the firemen retelling the story. But one of our greatest thank yous goes out to you. We are so grateful for your kindness, your graciousness in answering our questions, and moving the process forward. We have sung the praises of MetLife when others would tell us their stories of dismay of working with their insurance companies. I know this might be your job, but integrity and excellence comes from the heart.

Colleen S.
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I want to take this opportunity to express how pleased we were to have Eden as our representative from MetLife. Her professionalism and knowledge of what we needed done was fantastic.

Eden was attentive to our concerns. She answered our questions and guided us on what we needed to do to get estimates for our repairs and cleanup. We couldn’t have asked for a better person if we picked her ourselves.

While we told her how happy we were, it’s always nice to let others within the agency know how she presents herself to her/your customers. She represents MetLife in the most positive way.

Susan H.
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I just wanted to commend Susan B. for an excellent job processing my claim. She made it effortless and painless. This is the first claim I have filed with you, and because of Susan, I will recommend your company to all my friends and relatives. Thank you again for an amazingly easy process.

Stacey P.
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Please accept this letter concerning our unbelievably positive experience working with Vincent. No one wants to have to file an insurance claim but if they had to, they would be lucky to have someone like Vince to work with. From the moment that our home was flooded, Vince was, and continues to be, a huge help to us. With young children living in our home, this was a stressful situation for our family.

Vincent came out to our house right away. He assessed the situation and told us not to worry. This was a huge relief. He has also been extremely easy to communicate with. Not only does he follow through and get answers in a timely manner, if he doesn’t answer his phone every time you call him (he usually does this), he calls back right away.

We are so very thankful to be able to have Vince to work with. If we ever need anything in the future, we will definitely want to work with him, again.

Laura A.
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I finally have heat! I can’t thank you enough for your support through this ordeal. I have told many friends and neighbors how supportive MetLife has been. I do want MetLife to know how fortunate they are to have you, Stephanie, as an employee. Without your kindness and encouragement, it would have been much more difficult to get through these months.

Kathleen M.
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I just want to thank MetLife and Randy for the help with our recent claim. We’ve held homeowners policies with MetLife for over 20 years. Last week was the first time we ever needed to make a claim. I honestly didn’t know what to expect. But I was extremely pleased with the speed of Randy’s response and how smoothly the whole process went. When you are in the process of dealing with a really stressful home issue, it’s nice to know MetLife is there for us. I am glad to be a customer!

Eric C.
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Lisa was the claims adjuster assigned to my case. I wanted to take this opportunity to share my feedback on her excellent service.

My basement was flooded, and I was in a complete panic. This occurred on a Sunday, and I received a call first thing Monday morning from Lisa, who showed up shortly to assess the damage. From the moment she arrived and through the next week and a half that followed, she walked me through each step of the process, all the while showing me such kindness and patience in my moments of panic and stress. I most appreciated the fact that the flooding of my basement wasn’t just about computing a loss and processing a claim. I genuinely felt like she was looking out for my best interests as a homeowner. She took the time to advise me on how to handle the water mitigation process and was always sensitive to my concerns and needs about the impact on my home and family. I knew that I was in good hands with her as she continued to follow up diligently on the water mitigation process until we were certain that the basement was completely dry.

Thank you for having claims adjusters like Lisa out in the field on behalf of MetLife. It really does make a huge difference for homeowners, knowing that my insurance company will come through for me in a time of need.

Betty W.
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My husband and I have had MetLife insurance for both our autos and home for many years. Until recently, I don’t think we ever filed a claim. This past summer, we experienced wind storms and hail damage that blew shingles from our roof onto our yard. As a widow, I did not think to contact MetLife about the roof damage until recently.

I cannot say enough good things about Matt, who investigated my claim! He was prompt, professional and so kind. What started out as a very stressful situation for me, quickly became manageable when Matt got involved. He walked me through the process, answered my questions, and had my claim processed in less than a week. Friends and family have been amazed as I have recounted this positive experience!

My roof has been replaced, and I am very thankful for MetLife’s response, and in particular, Matt’s assistance. Thank you!

Carol T.
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I just wanted to say thank you for how awesome you were to work with. I haven’t had many insurance claims in my life, thankfully, but this has been by far the best experience.

When you came out last Thursday, you were so polite and helpful, as you have been throughout this whole process. The funds have already hit my account. I’m amazed how easy and efficient this process was.

Thank you so much for your hard work.

Paul W.
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I wanted to send a quick note to voice my pleasure of working with Robert on my claim. I was amazed at the promptness of correspondence and how quickly everything was resolved. Thank you, MetLife, for a positive experience on my claim.

Jerry W.
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I am writing to say thank you! Vinnie worked with us on our claim and was simply wonderful. We had taken a long path on this claim journey, which was challenging for us but when Vinnie joined our claim, suddenly everything became so much easier. He was very friendly, explained the process very clearly, and followed up with calls and emails in a timely manner. This reduced the time we would be left with questions open, and that made us more relaxed and at ease with the understanding of the next steps. And then his timeliness in mailing the various checks was great. It all made things on our end so much easier.

Our journey started in mid-April when a ton of water came in through our ceiling. There was a roof drain above us that had been blocked when the builders had built a deck over it. They had also left construction debris near it, which over 5 years had moved to block the drain. The weight of the backed-up water had also compromised the roof in a couple of places.

MetLife was very helpful from the beginning, I worked with Mike and he made the move into a hotel easy so that we could have ServPro come in and remove all the soaking-wet ceiling as well as dry our apartment out to prevent mold. Booking ServPro and moving into the hotel was definitely made easier with the processes MetLife has in place. He also sent in a sub-contracted adjuster from MetLife. I am not fully sure what this step was, but the documentation from that visit did appear to be helpful in the long run.

However, we then had to deal with our condo association to fix all the roof issues. This was a painful process, made much more stressful than necessary courtesy of our neighbors, and we moved home and lived in a dark home for several months until this was all fixed. At that time, the stress was so intense that we didn’t spend a ton of energy moving our claim forward. We also knew we had to have the roof fully repaired before we moved forward with any internal repairs.

When we were able to return to focusing on repairing our ceiling, we found out that we had to make a claim through our condo association insurance. We had a week or so of working with them only to find out they were denying the claim. At this time MetLife stepped in. Mike was nice, and eventually the quotes from our contractors pushed him to bringing in a MetLife adjuster. This was when we met Vinnie. It became so much easier from that point forward. He provided your estimate, which was close enough to our contractor costs that we were able to commit to repairing the ceiling with the contractor we wanted to work with. The check came through in a timely manner so we were able to book all of our contractors for this work. He also authorized two months in rental accommodation, which Mike helped us book. We ended up taking the majority of this time with about 4 days to spare, so Vinnie’s estimate was pretty accurate.

We are now home, our ceiling looks great, and we just have one or two more visits from our contractors to close out the punch list. We are so grateful for everything the whole MetLife team has done for us that we will remain MetLife customers for life. We see insurance as mainly for catastrophic events like this, hence our high deductible, and we truly hope that we never have to file a claim again, but we will be happy knowing that we have MetLife insurance in case we do.

Many thanks!

Erika T.
testimonial icon

I need to take a moment and compliment your claim agent Stan. Normally making an insurance claim is tedious, confusing, and frustrating. However, this time Stan made it painless, and because of his incredible service, I have told my insurance broker to stay with MetLife. Service like this is what keeps customers, and, personally, I think you should give this man a raise. He’s your best advertising. Thank you very much for an incredible experience.

Steven B.
testimonial icon

As you know, our house was struck by lightning. Although I feel fortunate that it could have been much worse, there was significant structural damage and personal losses. I could not be happier with how you handled the difficult situation we were in. From the first phone call, a crew was sent out to the house, within hours, to begin the process of restoration. Each crew you sent to the house, from cleaning to water damage controls, did an amazing job in a timely manner. Mostly though, I was very impressed with how you handled your part of this process. The money was in my account six days after the strike, allowing me to expedite the contractors necessary to get us back to normal. Your skills and professionalism are a testament to MetLife. Thank you so much, Elsa, for taking a difficult situation and making it as seamless as possible! I have, and will continue to recommend to all of my friends and family MetLife for their insurance needs. No one could have done the job better! Again, thank you so much and may God bless!!!

Ron & Agnes R.
testimonial icon

Thank you very much for your swift, efficient, and compassionate help. You were a positive force in the situation.

Cindy T.
testimonial icon

Just wanted to give credit where it is due: You were a true blessing! This experience was very stressful, unfamiliar, and devastating to me. I lost a lot of items due to this water damage. I missed work. I cried. I called you a lot! With that said, not one time did you act frustrated or rude or make me feel that I was just a typical claimant. You went over and above to answer my questions and assure me that you were there to help me, always in a very professional manner. My settlement may not have been all that I claimed, but it was a start — and a nice start at that. I thank you so much for being understanding, committed, and encouraging during my devastation. MetLife has a true gem with you as a representative of their company. I will forever be grateful for being a customer. Truly thankful!

Charlene L.
testimonial icon

We can finally see a light at the end of the tunnel for the rebuild of our beautiful home! It unfortunately had to be bulldozed due to a faulty gas line that exploded and caught our home on fire. One of the things that has kept us sane throughout this process is the kindness, professionalism and conscientiousness of Mike and the quality of our contract Grand Protect Insurance with MetLife. We would consider any client to be lucky to have Mike assigned to their disaster project and would recommend MetLife as an insurance carrier without reservation. Thank you again for everything.

William & Cynthia G.
testimonial icon

I’m sending a quick note of praise for Sue. My hot water tank leaked into my newly finished basement on Sunday night, saturating all of the brand-new carpet and drywall. Sue was out here Monday, assessed the damage, wrote an estimate and transferred funds to my bank in record time. I thought dealing with insurance was going to add to this nightmare, but quite the opposite: Sue was professional, supportive, friendly and prompt. She explained everything clearly and put my mind at ease. What a gem! Thank you so much for helping my family through our misfortune.

Emily K.
testimonial icon

I asked Bobby for contact information to pass on my thanks for his great work. He visited my home a couple months ago, and I really appreciated his kindness. He was professional yet friendly and easy to talk with. I’ve never had to speak with an adjuster, and I didn’t know what to expect. He answered all my questions and explained how things would work. I appreciated his thoroughness. He was patient with me as I walked with him around our property, pointing out different things. I learned from him and was thankful for his knowledge and expertise.


It has been stressful dealing with all the repairs, and I just needed to thank MetLife and Bobby for being so efficient and getting the funds to us so quickly. Y’all have been the bright spot in this ordeal. Thank you!

Erin J.
testimonial icon

Just a quick note of thanks for your tireless assistance with the claim we filed for the water damage to our kitchen. Fortunately, this was the first time we have had any significant damage to our home and consequently the first time we had to file a claim with our MetLife homeowner’s policy.


That being said, we are most grateful for the outstanding customer service you provided! I was expecting tons of red tape and unanswered phone calls and emails, but that was not the case — completely the opposite! As soon as the adjuster came to our home and filed the necessary paperwork, you called. From that first phone call through our last call this past week, you have been responsive, respectful, exceptionally professional, patient and above all, very kind and considerate at a very stressful and chaotic time in our home.


What’s more, the whole process was very confusing as we were dealing with a condo adjuster, a mitigation company and a contractor all at once. You were instrumental in guiding us seamlessly through the process, taking time to explain next-steps and listen patiently to questions without ever being condescending or short on time!


Thank you again for your help — it made all the difference!

Marsha F.
testimonial icon

I just processed a claim with MetLife and worked with Tim. He was awesome: He went out of his way to expedite reviewing paperwork and the process as I headed out of the country. I’m sending this email to you from Sydney, Australia. When I landed here, Tim had everything covered.


Sure, you have computer processes that streamline efficiency, but the people in the process, in my view, are key. Tim is a champion — you can tell he loves to help — and he is the reason I will keep MetLife and insure my second home with you as well.


I can’t thank you enough for having him on my claim and welcome any discussion about what made him phenomenal. Cheers.

Gary M.
testimonial icon

I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for the quick service that Liz performed on my recent claim. She was out at my home quickly, was very thorough in inspecting all my damage and was very empathetic about the whole situation. On top of all that, I have the settlement for my claim in my account today! I could not be more impressed with the way she performed her job and cannot thank you and her enough. Have a great weekend, and thank you for all you do!

Adam W.
testimonial icon

I filed a claim for roof issues at my home, and I wasn’t sure if I had a claim or not. But from the very beginning this process has been so simple and stress-free. Our roof failing was just another “What else can go wrong?” moment. We just spent $2,000 fixing rotten wood on the garage and never thought about talking to MetLife to see if we could file a claim on that. I don’t know why, we just never thought of it. So when the roof issue came up, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask if we can get it fixed.


I called MetLife and spoke to a very kind lady who got me through an incredibly simple filing process. Then I was contacted by Cheryl, who let me know that an adjuster would be contacting me to look at the issue. He did, his name was Aaron, and he was very kind and professional. He was very easy and comfortable to talk to and explained the processes. Cheryl called to let me know that MetLife agreed to cover the back side of the roof only, because the problem was only on the back side of the house. I was very happy to hear that. Finally, something went right!


Cheryl has been so great, helping me through the entire process, and everything has happened just as she said it would. I deal with contractors and vendors all the time, and I rarely get this kind of customer service. What an amazing staff MetLife has, and what amazing service MetLife provides. We are so glad to be with MetLife. We have our Homeowners, Auto, Life Insurance and retirement with MetLife, and have had outstanding service through the years. I believe we’ve had our life Insurance with MetLife for over 30 years. No complaints ever. I’ve had multiple serious health issues, and the thought of dealing with a claim on the house after the 2K we just spent on the garage was not something I was looking forward to. I expected the worst, but Cheryl wouldn’t let that happen. She made this so incredibly simple and stress-free. I just can’t express how great it makes me feel. You never know what someone is going through. I expected a complicated process and got the opposite. Very well done and great job, MetLife. You have amazing people working for you, and you know how to treat your employees, which reflects right back to your clients. Thank you for the stress-free process. You have no idea how much we appreciate it.

Steven & Virginia R.
testimonial icon

This is the first time I’ve had to file a claim for anything in my life, and I’m so grateful to you, and MetLife, for making it a pain-free process. I truly appreciate your professionalism, graciousness, and good will. I hope I never have to file a claim in the future, but if I do, I will look forward to working with you again.

Erin C.
testimonial icon

I’d like to take a moment and let you know that it was a pleasure to work with Randy, who was extremely helpful in getting my claim filed and processed in such a timely fashion. He made what I thought would be a painful process an absolute breeze. Thank you.

Diane L.
testimonial icon

Thank you for your prompt and excellent attention to our claim. I was not expecting you to adjudicate it in less than 24 hours. That is an exceptional performance by anyone’s definition. You are a credit to MetLife. Thanks again.

Mitchell M.
testimonial icon

Wow! That was fast. Like I tell my clients, MetLife is the best company in the property and casualty world. Fast and professional. You again have exceeded my expectations. Thanks for all your help, Heather.

Rodney K.
testimonial icon

In January of this year, we had an extended period of below-freezing temperatures in our area and, as a result of that seriously dreadful weather, we had a water line rupture in the ceiling of our laundry room. To say the least, it caused us a lot of stress and did some significant damage to the interior of our laundry room. We were able to contain the leak without it turning into a huge disaster, but even so, the damage required a lot of work by a number of different tradesmen to put things back in order.

The following day, we contacted our local insurance representative, Tammy, and she put us in touch with the person who could handle our claim. Ultimately, the claim was turned over to your field adjuster, Michael, who contacted us promptly and came to our house to discuss the claim and assess the extent of the damage.

We were very pleased with the promptness and professionalism exhibited by Michael throughout the process. We were also pleased with the attentiveness he gave our claim in order to expeditiously process it, especially given the number of other claims we are certain he had to deal with as a result of the freak winter storm in on our area. MetLife is to be commended for employing quality people such as Michael to attend to their customers’ needs in stressful times like this. Michael’s positive attitude and prompt attention to our needs helped deescalate a stressful situation and allowed us to get through the unexpected event with less irritation than we thought possible.

Thank you and all of the MetLife staff for handling our claim and situation in a manner that was above and beyond the call of duty. Folks like us often pay our insurance premiums year after year and very seldom have a situation that requires calling on the insurance company. It is comforting to know that MetLife is not only a company that can be depended on to be there for their customers when the need arises, but is one that makes every effort to turn their customers’ bad experience into one that is a lot less stressful.

William S.
testimonial icon

This is our first time using our home insurance and we couldn’t be happier, thus far. Lisa has been present and has made sure that this process goes as smoothly as possible. She has answered our questions before we even had a chance to think about asking. It is apparent that she is knowledgeable and passionate about her job and helping out families like us. I thought dealing with insurance was going to be another nightmare, and in most cases it is, but she has eliminated that for us.

We hope for a continuous smooth process for our project from beginning to end. I am confident Lisa will provide that for us. Thank you.

Rogerio & Marisa C.
testimonial icon

Thank you for being understanding, thorough, and professional and for helping us through the stress. MetLife is lucky to have you working for them.

Carlton is one of the best people at customer service I’ve seen in any business. He was understanding and anticipated our feelings of uncertainty and powerlessness, our concerns about whether we’d have the house prepared for the next storm, which is passing by right now, and how we’d get our house fixed and back to normal life.

At one point, we were confused about why Bank of America was listed as a mortgagee, when we never had a mortgage from BOA. My wife became upset and started cursing. Carlton was so understanding and patient and let my wife calm down. He said he understood how frustrating this is. We eventually found a discharge of mortgage. Our bank was with Merrill Lynch, which was bought out by BOA. My wife was so embarrassed, but Carlton was so gracious.

I felt so comfortable with him. I kept waiting for a catch, for it to turn into a “gotcha,” for him to find loopholes as to why something wasn’t covered. But that never happened, and he was extremely helpful and professional. He pointed out damage I hadn’t noticed, such as how the peak of the roof appeared structurally damaged, not just the side that I saw. I can’t wait for your contractors to come out and provide a thorough assessment from the roof into the ceilings and support rafters. Carlton felt like an old friend.

MetLife contractors got to us before the snow began to fall and were able to nail down plywood and tarps to prevent water and snow penetration. Our tree people just finished removing the branches from the roof.

We’ve never experienced anything like this and are very happy we are insured by MetLife. Thank you, Carlton, and your whole team.

Ventura S.
testimonial icon

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the professional way you handled our claim last week.

When you called to set up an appointment to see the damage, you were not only professional, but also empathetic to our need to turn this disaster over to MetLife. And then when you came to our home last Thursday, you were not just understanding, but were also the consummate professional representing your company, MetLife. The two people from the builder doing our repair to the roof also commented on how easy it was to do business with such a knowledgeable individual.

I personally have been a MetLife customer for over 50 years, and when I married Rick 25 years ago, we continued our relationship with MetLife as a couple. You carry both our home and auto policy, and there’s no one who can beat the pricing on our property. But the main reason is how responsive your company is to our needs and how wonderful it is to have you as their representative. You completely understood my anguish, explained the process of our claim to replace our roof, and when to expect a payment for the repair.

I am extremely thankful for your understanding and how promptly you took care of our situation. This is our home for life and MetLife is our insurance carrier for life. And working with MetLife representatives such as yourself goes a long way to ensure we remain MetLife clients.

Linda & Richard S.
testimonial icon

I want to let you know how much we appreciate Dean’s effort with our MetLife claim. We currently live in Southeastern Connecticut, and our house in New Jersey has been rented out to another family. Unfortunately, due to the nor’easter in March, the basement flooded.

Dean was assigned as an adjuster to handle the claim. He called me immediately from Illinois the next day and scheduled an appointment to look the damage. He flew into New Jersey and called me to let me know the exact time he could be in our house. He also contacted Service Master, a MetLife recommended service company, who handled our basement clean/dry up service, to coordinate the effort.

Everything ran very smoothly until late Friday evening. The Service Master did not properly communicate the basement situation to Dean, the tenant, and us. I emailed him around 10 pm Friday to voice our concerns and ask his advice. He called me Saturday morning around 7:30 am and promised to contact Service Master ASAP. He acted very quickly, and with good judgment, investigating and coordinating efficient communication between different parties. Because of his talent, passion and serious attitude toward representing MetLife — and more importantly, to his customers — he quickly came up with a solution.

I am very impressed by his performance and I can’t adequately express our gratitude to Dean for his superb service. I know how much time he invested, not only to get his job done, but to ensure his client was satisfied with every step of the process. Dean is a valued member of your team, and you should be very proud to have an employee like him. In addition, I would like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the service and support from MetLife.

Dahui Z.
testimonial icon

I wanted to take a moment to thank MetLife for the quick response in handling the claim for our wind damaged roof. After a few days delay on my part, we were able to meet with Matt on this past Monday. I was impressed with his professional but comforting demeanor. He explained the process well and was very good at answering our questions about the extent of the damage and how the replacement cost would be calculated and implemented. He showed great empathy and genuine concern, which gave us the feeling that we were not just another claim to work.

Matt is an outstanding representative of MetLife and we are appreciative or his speed and diligence.

Diane & William P.
testimonial icon

I have had MetLife Insurance on my home for six years and have never needed to turn in a claim. However, in the last couple of weeks, due to the nor’easter storms in the Northeast, I had to turn in a claim.

I wanted to let you know that MetLife stepped up to the plate, because I had a great experience with them. After talking to people at work who turned in claims into their insurance companies and were complaining, I figured I should share my great experience.

They handled everything on a timely manner. Carlton was the best! He was very professional and very courteous. Thanks to MetLife and their great team!

Sharon B.
testimonial icon

I wanted to take a moment just to share how satisfied we are regarding our recent claims experience for our home.

Audrianna made the process go smoothly for us, and completed everything with the utmost courtesy, speed and attention to detail. In very short order, we went from getting an assessment scheduled to completed. We’ve been able to proceed with repairs and have engaged a roofer to take action right away.

My family has a special connection to MetLife. My dad sold insurance for MetLife and started when agents went door-to-door to collect premiums. Every car has been insured by MetLife, and our home has been from the start.

So, thank you Audrianna for her service to us. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Thanks!

Michael & Melanie B.
testimonial icon

Honestly, words cannot express my feelings toward the service Matt has provided for my family and me. He is by far the most awesome, respectful, kind, knowledgeable, professional and easiest person to work with, and downright amazing! He made our claim so painless and easy. I had lots of questions, and he always had the answers within minutes. I could not ask for a better insurance adjuster!

Even when I would call and leave a voicemail, he was back to me within 10 minutes, he had all the answers we needed regarding our claim. Hands-down, I really hope nothing happens to our home in the future, but if It does, I hope and pray that Matt will still be around to help us out!

Lee C.
testimonial icon

It has been a long day for me, it started out early because a crew of workers were coming early to start a one-day roofing job on my house. It would not have been possible had it not been for MetLife homeowner insurance. Matt was quick to come out to estimate the damage to my roof. I appreciated the thoughtful way he told me of the process that would be followed to replace the roof, if needed, and he kept me informed throughout the process. He’s a keeper! Thank you all at MetLife for restoring my faith in insurance companies.

Donna G.
testimonial icon

I wanted to take a moment of give praise to one of your claims adjusters, Chiquita. My husband and I had a loss due to a broken hot water heater that flooded our basement and damaged the finished areas, and it became a claim under our MetLife policy.

Chiquita was the claims adjuster assigned to us, and I really can’t say enough good things about her! She was professional, but also kind, caring, prompt and very knowledgeable. She understood the chaos all this caused for us, and guided me well through the process.

But the most important trait, to me, was that she seemed to care about me as a person as well. I know that claims adjusters can have a terrible job. Often, they are dealing with unhappy people going through some type of difficulty. Property losses of any kind are never easy for any of us. But to have a person at the other end of the phone and email who was so professional, yet friendly and kind, was a real gift. We treated each other as human beings, with character and integrity. Hard to beat that combination.

I ran my own business for many years, so I know what it is like to hear nothing but the bad. I wanted to make sure that I shared praise for Chiquita because she deserves it. Thank you so much for being there and for creating the atmosphere that provides such a good staff person and good customer service.

Suzanne T.
testimonial icon

Good morning, we would like to send you a note on Jonathan. First of all, MetLife is amazing insurance company and Jonathan was outstanding. He called right away, asked a lot of questions, and listened to everything that I had to say. He came right out to the house and was very pleasant.

He was absolutely amazing and so efficient. I was extremely nervous about calling the insurance company as I have not put in a claim before and was not sure what, if anything, could be done to help us. He just took charge and made it all simple. He explained the process completely and guided us through what needed to be done. I could not be happier with him or the insurance company. Thank you very much and thank you to Jonathan for making a stressful situation so easy.

Sandra M.
testimonial icon

Just a brief note to let you know how our homeowners claim, as a result of Hurricane Irma, was handled. Your adjuster, Rex, did an outstanding job. The expeditious conclusion from his visit to the house and receiving payment was amazing. The claim experience goes beyond completely satisfied!

Thank you to Rex and your team for all that was done to make this happen. Please share this with all involved to let them know how appreciative we are for their efforts.


Dave L.
testimonial icon

First, my wife and I are simply honored to provide feedback to you regarding Derick’s level of service in helping to bring resolution to our hail storm damage claim.

Second, we’ll get right to the point: Derick has provided us with nothing but “top-shelf” service from the time he was assigned to the account and visited my home through today. He was always accessible by email, text, and phone and responded to any inquiries/questions promptly.

Additionally, he was very knowledgeable regarding all phases of repairs required (i.e., roofing, water damage/mold, drywall, paint) and consistently and fairly represented the policy positions of both MetLife Insurance Property and Casualty, and those of their Insureds at all times. We always felt that Derick took a personal interest in seeing that we get our repairs done efficiently and effectively, and felt that he would go beyond the call of duty if we needed him to. More importantly, his professional demeanor was always pleasant while showing the utmost respect for my wife and me.

Lastly, we are very pleased with the extremely high level of customer service provided to us by MetLife during this trying period and are simply proud to do business with such an outstanding business partner. MetLife associates like Derick only enhance such partnership.


Sidney & Busayawan S.
testimonial icon

You have been wonderful. I wish I had you when I had the damage to my home from the storm during the summer. Thank you so much for making this a great experience.

Sandra M.
testimonial icon

Adam, I wanted to thank you. I know our claim was very small and that we were not in great need to have it completed as quickly as you did. We talked to three people to answer questions and your return call was quick and thorough. As I said, I was in no rush, but you did something that stood out, and you have made me more respectful of MetLife. I am more comfortable knowing people like you and MetLife are there to make people like me relax a bit more, knowing if I ever need help quickly it will get done. Adam was professional and truly a pleasure to talk to, he made me feel the way I should: Confident in my insurance company.

Thomas & Tammy B.
testimonial icon

This process was much easier and quicker than I ever expected. Thank you.

Erica G.
testimonial icon

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how much I appreciated the service provided to me and my home by Adam. Since he a senior claims adjuster, I am sure you have received dozens of these types of emails. So let me just say that it was a pleasure to work with him. He was prompt, courteous, knowledgeable and willing to explain everything to me in detail.

There are reasons why I have been with MetLife for so long, and guys like Adam are a big part of that. So on behalf of myself and my family, I thank Adam for his service.


David P.
testimonial icon

I am contacting you in thanks for having a superior employee, Jami, serving the customers of your organization at MetLife.

We recently had the misfortune and stress of suffering a loss in our home related to water damage. To say the least, it is a rough and daunting task to remove and restore your home and rebuild after the damages. We just feel so incredibly fortunate to have been assisted by Jami.

She is knowledgeable regarding this type of loss and really went above and beyond in assisting us to restore our home. She was efficient and a true professional. No one ever wants to experience losses related to water damage. However, Jami truly helped us get out of a dark place so we can restart the building process.

Thank you so very much for all of your help. Your company not only provided us with “insurance”, but gave us the “assurance” that things were going to be okay. Your people make the difference and Jami truly made a difference with our family. Thank you so very much!


Deborah & David B.
testimonial icon

I had to take the time to tell you what a pleasant experience it was to work with Audrianna. She took the time to thoroughly assess the damage and patiently documented everything. She even had to deal with my needy toy poodle who kept jumping into her lap. You guys have made a bad situation more tolerable due to your professionalism and speedy response. Thanks again for everything.

Laurel W.
testimonial icon

I just wanted to say that I have enjoyed working with Seth as my claims adjuster. He was really courteous and has been thorough the times that we have talked. He has made sure this has been a seamless experience for me, so much so that my friends have been asking who my insurance company is – and you should be adding no fewer than 3-5 of my friends and their autos/homes during this process, which is awesome.

Seth has been amazing and I feel like I have been in great hands with MetLife. I’m so happy that I made the decision to have you as my insurance carrier. I look forward to having MetLife for many years to come!


Jeffrey H.
testimonial icon

I must say that when I filed a homeowner claim, I thought I would also be in for a struggle against a big company. However, working with Catherine has been struggle-free. In fact, my wife and I are extremely pleased with Catherine’s overall support. The cleanup and restoration has progressed well beyond my expectations. The initial assessment and tie into ServiceMaster for immediate damage control and cleanup worked out well. And Catherine’s suggestion to use the MetLife referral network, which linked us to MA Restoration, has resulted in a quick agreement between Catherine and MA Restoration on the scope of the restoration work.

As a long time subscriber to MetLife Home, Auto, and Life insurance, Catherine exemplifies the good that can come when someone cares to advocate for the client and does their job with passion and commitment to the customer. My faith in MetLife has been replenished.

Barry & Becky M.
testimonial icon

Nick was fantastic to work with! He had called me a day or two prior to visiting my home. When we spoke on the phone, he was able to answer all of my questions, which really put my mind at ease. I had never filed a claim on any insurance before this claim, so I didn’t really know how things were supposed to work. He was very patient with me, answered all my questions, and was very knowledgeable. When he came to my house, he was very pleasant, personable, friendly, and respectful enough to ask if I wanted him to take his shoes off before walking around in my house. He took the time to explain the whole process and then set to work. By the time he left my house, he had presented me with all the completed paperwork and a pre-paid Visa card for the amount of the damages. Overall, my entire experience with MetLife was positive and easy. I was reassured by everyone I worked with on this claim. I did want to take a moment and recognize what a great representative Nick is for your company. Thank you for making the best of a very stressful event for me.

Michael B.
testimonial icon

To say we are thrilled with the way MetLife treated us and our needs on this claim would be an understatement. I found Andy and his team easy to work with, reasonable and willing to offer suggestions and do what was best for the insured and MetLife.

So please pass along our congratulations for a job well done and the confidence that MetLife will make the claims process a much easier and mutually beneficial experience for your clients and the whole team.


Stephen F.
testimonial icon

I am a client located in Texas that experienced a water event in my home unrelated to Hurricane Harvey. We were informed of the event by our pet sitter while my husband and I were traveling out of state for medical care. Today, I am having a nice day and it is directly attributed to the great customer service your senior claim adjuster, Brad, has provided.

My homeowner claim happened to be my first ever, though I’ve been a policyholder for years. It all started when I was able to reach the lovely phone agent who immediately put my panic to rest. As we made our three-day drive back to Texas, we were in constant contact with your agent, Jackie. Jackie helped to arrange for the mitigation company to be onsite for when we arrived, providing helpful advice, reviewing our policy and answering all of our questions. Jackie then set us up with Brad. His service today is what further motivated me to take time and say thank you!

Brad contacted me a few days ago to set up an appointment convenient to my work schedule. Then, earlier today, he called to confirm our appointment and inform me of his anticipated arrival time, allowing me to continue working up until our appointment without worry. Brad was the ultimate professional while in my home, from his firm handshake greeting and charming personality to his offer to remove his shoes. When we turned our attention to the matter at hand, he then stepped me through the information he needed to understand our claim. He was very detail-oriented, taking notes, photos, measurements and reviewing each area with a light – absorbing all that occurred while I was just chatting away. We reviewed the paperwork I had accumulated from visits by the mitigation company, electrician, and appliance technician as well as estimated bids for replacement cost. Brad was very personable, looking me square in the eye, sympathizing at times but also steering the conversation forward at the right pace for me. Financial loss is never an easy subject and I appreciate how well Brad listened to and addressed all of my concerns.

He left me with the knowledge of what to expect from MetLife as a company, from him personally and an avenue forward if anything were to arise. He simply made today’s claim appointment stress-free, and for me, that is excellent customer service.

I will proudly promote my positive experience to my family, friends, and work colleagues. Please ensure Brad knows of the positive impact he made today on what is surely just one of his many customers.


Jennifer W.
testimonial icon

In March of this year, we had severe storms go through this area with high winds and large hail. Most of the homes in our neighborhood were damaged. We had at least seven solicitors knock on our door or call us wanting to inspect our roof, but none of these felt legitimate to us (very pushy). My husband inspected the roof himself and found that we did have several areas of damage, but we waited, being skeptical of the contractors, until several other neighbors developed leaks, mold, etc., and we inquired about the jobs that were performed on their homes after the work was completed. Two of the neighbors we spoke with were very unhappy and felt the contractors did a poor job with cheaper materials than they billed for. When the couple across the street from us had a very good experience with their contractor, we contacted them. Our representative there was not pushy, was upfront about what he could do and he worked very well with Joshua, the adjuster who MetLife assigned to our claim.

As for MetLife, I could not be more satisfied with the level of courtesy and professionalism I was treated with from the very first call I made. Your claim department told me immediately they were there to assist me and answer any questions I may have through the process. When Joshua came out, he was A+ in every aspect. Never having been through a homeowners claim before (we’ve lived here since 1983), I felt comfort through the entire process. It went smoothly and exactly as I was informed it would. We were so pleased with MetLife that my husband has given his comments to his coworkers and managers.

Thank you for the professionalism and ethics your staff provides.

Betty L.
testimonial icon

We would like to express our appreciation for the exceptional experience we had with Jonathan Richter, our insurance agent.

This was a stressful time for us, but Jonathan’s responsiveness and hard work made an unfortunate experience as smooth as it could have been. He took the time to fully understand the situation and acted quickly. We felt helped immediately. Within one day of our call to MetLife, workers arrived to begin demolition of the problem area; Jonathan also recommended a good plumbing company, and the work was done very quickly. Jonathan was on top of everything. He was very quick to respond to phone calls, answered any questions we had and was eager to communicate throughout the process.

We have heard stories from others about difficulties and complications when needing to work with their insurance companies in times of need. Rather than complicating an already difficult situation, Jonathan put our minds at ease, was thoughtful, responsive, hard-working and showed much effort in all that he did. We appreciate all his hard work.

Thank you for assigning Jonathan to our claim. We will highly recommend MetLife to others.

Barbara & Wojciech P.
testimonial icon

I do want to thank you all very much for your help and support through all this, after close to two and a half months I’ll finally be able to move back home next week. You and your teams made this, an extremely stressful situation, much more bearable.

Danny D.
testimonial icon

I wanted to tell you that Cassie calmed me at the very first call, she arrived at my home exactly on time and called me 15 minutes prior to let me know she was on her way. She was extremely polite and very knowledgeable. I am in construction myself and she knew what she was talking about. She was very quick to send me all the information with my claim and processed it very quickly. She told me what steps I needed and I followed what she said. She is an incredible individual and serves as a great ambassador representing your company. She made all my worries into an action plan and made this process so simple. I’m very grateful to have had her on my side as my claim processor. I wanted you to know what a valuable honest and kind person you have working for you.

Steve & Kay B.
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Thanks for all your help on my claim! I tell people how fast and easy you made this and they are amazed. MetLife has me as a customer forever.

Margaret S.
testimonial icon

I just wanted to thank you for how quickly you processed my claim. It was my first time filing a home insurance claim and truly expected it to be a long, drawn-out thing, but you made it so easy.

Donald G.
testimonial icon

I am overdue to write you a note and indicate how very pleased I am with all that you have done. You have made this exceedingly ugly experience bearable. However, I would hope this is the last insurance claim of my life. It is the first, and I regret, a real heartache. Your service has been superior, professional, supportive and I could not ask for better. You are a credit to MetLife and I am sure they know it. If I were to ever go through this again, I would hope you were a part of the experience.

Charles F.
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I am writing to relay my experience in working through a water damage claim at my residence with your Sr. Field Claims Adjuster, Keith. Keith was an absolute delight to work with. He was very kind and compassionate to me as this water damage in my basement occurred one week after I experienced the loss of my husband. I was not in a very good emotional state. Keith was very prompt in addressing all the issues and concerns I had. He took the time to explain everything to me thoroughly. He met with me in my home to go over the paperwork after the settlement from MetLife was written up so that I understood all the numbers and categories, which can be a little confusing.

When I had further questions, Keith was very prompt about getting back to me quickly. Whenever I talked to him on the phone he was extremely professional, personable and willing to spend as much time with me as I needed to go over questions and concerns.

I just wanted to relay my positive experience in working with Keith. This was the first time I ever had a claim against my home owner’s insurance and working with Keith made a very negative experience (flooded basement) as pleasant and pain-free as possible. I am very happy that I have MetLife for my insurance, and especially happy that Keith was assigned to my claim!

Cynthia H.
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Just a quick note to let you know how utterly fantastic Megan was in handling our homeowner’s insurance claim. We had a lightning strike that caused significant damage and the incident was quite stressful. MetLife was outstanding in handling our claim to its fullest. It is almost hard to believe how great this company has been throughout this whole ordeal. Thank you so much for being there when we needed you.

Brian L.
testimonial icon

My name is Gracie, the homeowner, and I just wanted to tell you that your adjustor, Paul, was very professional. He looked over my roof carefully and explained everything. I could not be more pleased with the service. I have been with MetLife for many years and would highly recommend them to anyone.

James & Gracie M.
testimonial icon

Let me start by saying that in 20 years of home ownership I have only ever had to file one claim (theft on the property from a police report some 10 years ago). I had great fear that this would be a horrible process. It was not: Ricky and his team have been very helpful, from the first phone call at the start of the process to where we are now. While we have not moved forward with or had the repairs completed as of yet, I just thought it might be appropriate to reach out and say thank you for helping to make something I have dreaded into a process that has actually been quite pleasant.

Michael & Kimberly B.
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A couple of months ago, a large tree fell on our house and caused over $100,000 of damage. While that has not been a great experience, our experience with Rex and MetLife has been only positive.

At our first meeting, Rex did a great job explaining the process, in particular how we were going to need to involve our bank who holds a mortgage on the property. Our contractor was at the meeting, and Rex’s background as a contractor was really helpful in terms of going back and forth with our contractor about what would need to be done to repair the property.

Having never gone through a claim before, we were a little concerned that the insurance company may try to get out of paying for things or that we would need to fight with them a lot to get them to pay for legitimate expenses. Instead, it seemed more like Rex was on our side, working hard to get us the funds we needed to repair our home as quickly as possible. There were a couple of items that we did not talk about during the initial walk-through, but Rex was quick to cover these expenses after we brought them to his attention later and were able to confirm them by sending photos.

While I hope that we will never have to go through another claim like this again, we are very happy with our experience with MetLife. Anytime anyone asks us about our experience, we are telling them that MetLife has been great to work with and that we highly recommend them.

Duncan R.
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I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how pleased I am with the care and service MetLife and Don have provided me throughout my claim process. I had a dehumidifier that malfunctioned and did not shut off causing the ruin of my rugs in the basement of my home. I thought I could handle it myself until the flooring salesperson said to turn it over to the insurance company. Don came right away and took care of everything for me. He made the whole process easy and painless.

I am so very grateful that I have MetLife after hearing other people go through horrendous experiences with their insurance companies. You have me forever!

Kathleen S.
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I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how pleased I was with the way my claim was handled. I’ve been a MetLife customer for nearly 12 years. This was my first home claim and I was concerned about how it would be handled. Obviously, this concern was completely unfounded.

All aspects of my claim were handled in a timely and efficient way. After receiving the initial estimate, I was concerned that I could not replace the LeafGuard gutter system I purchased in 2013. After having the LeafGuard representative come out to my house and give me a detailed estimate of the cost, I submitted this information to MetLife. Today I was notified by Stanley that MetLife approved the cost of the replacement LeafGuard system.

My damage was due to a hail storm in the area that has resulted in many claims for new roof and gutter systems. Many of my friends and neighbors are experiencing problems working with their carriers in an effort to get repairs completed. It’s very rewarding to know that MetLife respects their customers and treats them fairly.

James F.
testimonial icon

I just wanted to reach out and let you know that I was very pleased and impressed with Vincent and his dealings with me over a recent claims process. He was prompt in responding to my claim, happy to answer questions, and has offered to be a resource for my husband and myself through this process until completion. It isn’t often that one has such a positive interaction when it comes to getting a claim processed, but we were thrilled.

Nandika & Sanjay M.
testimonial icon

I want to let you know what a great job Tim did for us when we had a house fire in June 2017. Tim met with me and Joanne and went over everything he was going to do as an adjuster for MetLife. Tim was very thorough and explained very clearly what he would be doing in the next couple of days.

I cannot say enough about the time Tim spent with us and the compassion he showed us at the time of our loss. Again, thank you for having him on your team with MetLife.

Joanne H. & Keneth C.
testimonial icon

I wanted to let you know that Lori has gone above and beyond in her work with me. This is my first claim experience ever and she walked me through each step in a very friendly and professional manner. All was explained to me, as I had numerous questions, and I felt not only well taken care of, but actually cared about.


My first experience with MetLife has been excellent, thanks to Lori. I thought you should know.

Laurie J.
testimonial icon

From Jonathan:

I recently filed a claim with MetLife for some damage that occurred to my roof. Both my wife, Kim, and I had interactions with our adjuster, Jonathan, and we would like to share our experiences. From my point of view, having never made an insurance claim before, I was a bit apprehensive about the process and proper ways of working. Jonathan contacted me very promptly after my claim was made and took me through the entire process—from the steps that needed to be taken, to how I needed to work with my mortgage company, even arranging a meeting time with our contractor. He made the entire process very transparent to me, which put me at ease about the whole situation. It was a pleasure to work with him. I wasn’t at home at the time of the inspection, so my wife has also provided her impressions below. Her sentiments only made my impression of Jonathan better.


From Kim:

I’d like to share my impressions of Jonathan, who recently came to our home to assess the damage to our roof and interiors. He was an absolute pleasure to work with. He was very professional and personable at the same time and made me feel completely at ease having him in my home. Jon was quick and efficient when taking room measurements and assessing the damages. He deserves extra special credit for handling our “tricky” attic door, which he calmly fought with for 10+ minutes and finally got the metal arms in the right position to close properly. He was so nice about it, keeping a positive attitude where others could have become easily frustrated. He was very easy to talk to and asked all the right questions to get the information he required for the report. I feel lost when it comes to insurance language and the process of making a claim, but Jonathan explained the entire process in a very easy to understand manner and thoroughly answered all of my questions. It was a pleasure having him assigned to our account!

Jonathan and Kimberly L.
testimonial icon

We were surprised to find our finished basement flooded this week as a result of a sprinkler system malfunction. Your Salt Lake City-based insurance adjuster, Paul, was contacted and at our place the following day. He was not only prompt in responding to our needs, his kindness, gentle manner, and professional approach were extraordinary. He was very thorough and made sure he was understood in his instructions. I was pleasantly surprised to see his caliber of people still in the workforce these days. Thank you for the opportunity to express my gratitude for his services.


Dwight P.
testimonial icon

I want to commend you and your team for the fine work that was done on adjusting my claim for the tornado this past weekend. Ricky was my adjuster on this one, and he showed up right on time and was quick to work the claim up to get me and my wife on with our day. Prior to the actual inspection, he was responsive to my calls and emails, and throughout the process, he never left me feeling like my questions were going to go unanswered. I feel like he went above and beyond what was required of him, and we are beyond satisfied.


I am an attorney at an insurance defense firm, and we handle numerous first-party property claims as well as bad faith claims. I can tell you that MetLife is doing everything right, and if Ricky and his adjusting are indicative of the way your other adjusters are trained, then MetLife is doing a fantastic job. Ricky made this process not only painless but enjoyable. My wife and I are very appreciative of his hard work and MetLife’s approach to handling our claim. We look forward to staying with the company.


Thanks again!

Charles and Kristin W.
testimonial icon

The service I received when speaking with Karla in claims, Amy in the field claims office, and our adjuster Carlton who came out today (way less than the quoted 48 hours) was excellent. Everyone was polite, respectful, well-spoken and explained everything in a caring fashion! Thank you for being my carrier for home and auto, and renters for my daughters. Keep up the good work. It is nice to be a part of something great.

Kimberly B.
testimonial icon

I am so happy with the excellent service I received from Jason and MetLife today. The entire process has been such a pleasant experience. I was expecting a long, time-consuming process when instead my issue was resolved within a week. I never dreamed that I would already have the estimate and the money the same day my roof and ceiling were inspected. Jason’s professional and courteous manner put me at ease. He is a true customer service star!


Thank you so much for the help!


Jane H.
testimonial icon

We wanted to provide feedback from our excellent claim experience. January 2017 brought us to the end of many months of rebuilding our home after a broken water line caused severe damage. In July 2015 we arrived home after a short vacation to find our home flooded on all three levels. The next morning, we placed a call to MetLife. That same morning, Vanessa arrived at our home and immediately took charge of the remediation process.

Throughout the restoration process, Vanessa was always knowledgeable, compassionate and essentially invaluable to our situation. Vanessa always followed through on every step of the claim process, answering our questions promptly and clearly. We’ve often told others about the excellent service MetLife provided us. We were so impressed with your company, we recently switched to MetLife for our auto insurance as well.

Thank you for such exceptional service.

William P.
testimonial icon

Jason, thank you for your help with getting our roof repaired! The process was smooth and efficient. Everybody was very responsive, friendly and quick. When you came to our home you were very helpful, timely, and made my daughter’s day with the stuffed animal and coloring book. You also made the process simple and easy. I’ve heard dealing with insurance companies for home repairs can be a headache, but our experience was exactly the opposite.


We’ll definitely be keeping our coverage and recommending MetLife to our neighbors.


Stacy K.
testimonial icon

The support MetLife has provided financially through our policy made a difficult situation a little easier to deal with. All of this started with Vince and his quick response and expertise on day one. Thank you for being part of our solution.


Zachary M.
testimonial icon

I wanted to express my appreciation for the way you handled my claim for the installation of a new patio cover a few months ago. You promptly answered every single email I sent you. In several cases, I emailed you after office hours and was only expecting to get the emails into your inbox for the next day. Yet, I got prompt responses for those, too. You were unfailingly courteous and easy to talk to. After I complained about one vendor, you sent another one to my house that same day! I was amazed. During a stressful time of dealing with the windstorm damage to my home, I had an extremely positive experience with MetLife, which was due to the way you handled the claim. I couldn’t ask for better service.


Deborah G.
testimonial icon

I would just like to say, in all my years of dealing with insurance adjusters and field advisers, I have never been amazed and satisfied like I am today. Your field adviser Jonathan not only showed me and my family compassion when we had our sewer back up, he also went above and beyond to help my family out and get us back to normal. He is an amazing guy who cares about his customers. I think he is a huge asset to MetLife and, believe me, I will be recommending MetLife insurance to all my friends and family. Thank you, MetLife.


Warren S.
testimonial icon

I have recently submitted a claim to your office for a repair of my watch. Theresa responded in a professional and timely manner. She was very efficient in determining the nature of my issue and explaining the MetLife process. She is an excellent public representative for your company. She delivered true customer service. You have a valuable employee in Theresa.


Tom P.
testimonial icon

I am writing to tell you how impressed I am with MetLife, and in particular Sheila. She has done so much to facilitate my claim. She called to ensure all work was done to my satisfaction and called to give direction to contractors. She even changed contractors when they would not give me an estimate on costs. I am so amazed at your excellent care and have told everyone they should change to MetLife. When I have a concern, Sheila says confidently, “Don’t worry, we have you covered.” When I discovered my problem on a Saturday morning, she found a company that would come within the day and they did. I cannot say enough about Sheila. I could go on for hours about her caring attitude, professionalism, and attention to all the details.


I am sure you know what a wonderful person and employee she is. She made this a whole lot less traumatic for me. Thanks for being there when I needed help!

Jennifer P.
testimonial icon

I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you what a great experience it was working with Greg. What an asset to your company he must be. You are lucky to have him. He’s hard-working, diligent, mindful, friendly, knowledgeable, skilled and a true professional. I can only count a handful of experiences in my life that went as smoothly as this one. Greg kept me completely informed and up-to-date on everything during the claim process. His report was easy to understand and accurate.


Tom L.
testimonial icon

I am writing to you to tell you how great of an experience I had with the MetLife claim adjuster and case management department.


Andrea was assigned to me and she was absolutely incredible! She responded right away, she was friendly and personable, and she acted on my claim and followed up in less than 24 hours. I know you guys are inundated with other, more pressing, claims due to the crazy weather we are experiencing in Connecticut, so I was pleasantly surprised to see her attention to detail and immediate response.


I am so impressed with your service and I am so happy I chose MetLife for my home insurance. I will tell all my friends and family about this as well.

Kathy F.
testimonial icon

I would like to take a moment to describe my experience in dealing with your associates in a recent claim. My situation, I am sure, was not as grave as probably some of the emergencies you or your company are accustomed to dealing with. However, it was a very stressful and trying time for my family and me.


I have been a homeowner for many years and have never had to deal with a situation like this ever before. We are a modest family with our daughter and now granddaughter living with us as well. To be faced with such an emergency at a time in the year where heat and water are essential was very trying as a homeowner, husband, father, and grandfather.


From the minute I placed the call to your company, I spoke with a woman that immediately gave me the sense of concern to my situation. She was courteous, caring, and informative.


I received a call shortly after from John as a follow-up to my initial call. He was, I believe, a customer service representative, who verified my situation and needs and informed me that I would be contacted by an adjuster from your company by the name of Timothy. Just to know that there was a follow-up gave me a sense of relief that my situation was being addressed in a timely manner.


After managing my emergency through the weekend, I then had the opportunity to speak with Timothy. I explained my situation and the problems I was facing. I immediately sensed that he was experienced in dealing with situations like mine and situations much worse.


For the first time since my ordeal began, I felt a sense of relief. I was speaking to someone who was going to attempt to assist me as best he could. He kept me informed of what my options were and kept me updated with any changes that may occur and what I would need to do to move forward. I sincerely felt that Timothy was there to help me. Something I did not experience through this ordeal until speaking with him and your company.


As I stated before, the situation was stressful for my family, but most of all for me. Timothy’s concern, knowledge, and experience were extremely helpful in letting me know my options, what I could expect, and how to move forward from my ordeal. Thank you, Timothy, for your time and attention!


Gentlemen and ladies, thank you! It is a good feeling to know that the one time (and hopefully the only time) that I needed help from my insurance company, it was you and your company that I was able to turn to!


Anthony N.
testimonial icon

I just wanted you to know that Andrea, your adjuster, made my day today. I awoke to an ugly water stain and some ugly water lines in my dining room and was prepared for one of those “worst days of your life” times. I called MetLife and was told that an adjuster would get back to me on the next business day, which would be Monday. Meanwhile, I was going to have to look at that mess and pray that there would be nothing further.

Much to my surprise and delight, I received a call shortly afterward from Andrea saying she could come today if I was going to be home. She came and made me believe that everything would be alright. I’m not sure why I had any doubts. Your company has always come through for me. Metlife has to be the best insurance company out there because I have friends who have other insurers and they seem to never take care of anything.

Anyway, thank you for your help and thank you for Andrea. She really did ease my mind, and I was able to go on and enjoy my day. You are the best!


Beverly S.
testimonial icon

I wanted to express my appreciation for Rich’s assistance in helping me work through a recent property claim. I have been a customer of Metlife for a long time and having positive experiences with your claims professionals is one of the reasons I remain a satisfied client.


Rich was patient with me in working through the details of this process, providing timely and thorough responses to my questions while educating me along the way. He was very reasonable and a great working partner as we navigated the claim experience. He is to be commended for representing MetLife with professionalism and courtesy.


Sharon L.
testimonial icon

We have been thrilled with the way MetLife, and specifically, Theresa, has treated us. In each person’s life, some rain will fall, some obstacles will rise up to destroy or even to detract from our peace of mind, our happiness. Insurance exists to help us overcome these events. And yet, how often do victims of circumstance or evil have an advocate who understands them, who says just the right thing, who does not seem to be jaded by dealing with similar people in need on a daily basis, and who believes and trusts the victims?


From the first time I spoke with Theresa, her kind voice and her spontaneous concern helped me to cope with our loss.


There is also the matter of the holiday season, in which one expects most business matters to be slowed to a crawl. This was not the case with Theresa – we had our settlement check in less than three weeks of our robbery! Peace of mind is important, as you must know.


Finally, I again compliment not only the empathy but also the exemplary professional performance of Theresa. Too rarely only the dereliction of duty brings the attention of both customers and managers. So here I raise a glass to MetLife and to Theresa! She will always be appreciated around here, and we will continue to recommend MetLife to our friends.


Marilyn and Richard B.
testimonial icon

I am responding to your invite to provide feedback regarding my experience with MetLife and the adjuster, Corinne, regarding my recent claim secondary to water damage.


I was amazed at the experience I had with Corinne. She was truly helpful and knowledgeable, and best of all, I felt like she was on my side. I had questions and she did her best to answer them clearly and concisely. She never gave me the impression she was in a hurry to move on to her next agenda. She intervened immediately when I had questions about dealings with a contractor. She was professional, understanding, and with her on my side, I never felt like I was alone in this endeavor.


I hope I don’t experience a problem like this again, but if I do, I would love to have Corinne on my side. Kudos to MetLife for hiring an employee of her caliber of professionalism, focus and dedication. Thank you from a very satisfied customer.

Maryann D.
testimonial icon

I’ve never been through a claim process before, but then, I’ve also never been through such a traumatic event before. Your representative, Anthony, seemed to sense the mental anguish I was in. He thoroughly explained the process, told me what to expect, addressed my concerns, and answered the many questions I threw at him. In short, Anthony helped settle my anxiety and calm my nerves.


I hope to never go through something like this again. On the other hand, your people helped in the recovery process not just on the professional level, but on a personal level as well. I didn’t expect that!

Kevin P.
testimonial icon

At the conclusion of the repair of water damage, I want to express appreciation for the meticulous assessment done by Paul and to MetLife for the promptness of processing our claim.


In more than fifty years of home ownership, this is the first casualty claim we have made, and hopefully the last. Having heard numerous insurance company horror stories we were prepared for the worst. Such was not the case. There is nothing MetLife could have done to make us more pleased. We are grateful for your excellent service.

Howard & Janet B.
testimonial icon

I have always believed that to be a good insurance company, it is not how low the premiums are or how good the agents are, although they are important. The true mark of an insurance company is how they handle claims. Your company and you, as a representative of MetLife, have been outstanding. You have been professional, courteous and understanding with my loss. I thank you for the service given me. You have taken care of me and I am extremely grateful. I really made a good decision when I selected MetLife as my insurance company.


Ronald T.
testimonial icon

I just wanted to send a quick note sharing my thoughts around working with Monica recently. Monica was extremely timely in all needs and responses. She was very pleasant and extremely thorough in her work and, most importantly, cared about our needs. As an employee of MetLife as well, representatives like Monica continue to make me proud to work here and validate why I tell people that MetLife Auto & Home is the way to go!


Lindsay B.
testimonial icon

Hello, Tim! We wanted to reach out one last time for a well-deserved thank you for your services to restore our home. Several years ago it was a very competitive market I lived in and it was Chris the MetLife representative that impressed me so that made me choose MetLife. 20 years, many, many vehicles and two homes later, you and MetLife have surpassed our expectations.


You have been a great representative of MetLife and they should know what an asset you are. Tim, you have been knowledgeable, professional, committed, compassionate, practice urgency, and overall have been a pleasure to work with. In speaking to hundreds of people, everyone’s first words were “oh boy, those insurance companies, what a nightmare.” Well, we are proud to say back to those hundreds, and we will forever say, MetLife was a dream.


MetLife was the only part of this difficult time that gave us ease and hope in restoring our home back to what it once was. We are your live-streaming, never-ending advertisements and customers for life! I understand what you deal with day-in and day-out, so this is why I say thank you for treating it like it was a big deal as it was to us, we appreciate you and MetLife so much. Thank you and wishing you and yours a Happy Holiday Season!

Roxanne & Michael H.
testimonial icon

I am writing you regarding Paul and MetLife’s handling of my home claim. I have owned an insurance agency for over 10 years, but, believe it or not, I don’t have much personal experience with claims. I believe this in itself is a testament to how well MetLife has taken care of my customers for 10+ years.


When my basement flooded due to a sewer backup it was extremely stressful. I wasn’t sure where to turn and what order of steps to take. Even as an insurance agent, I wasn’t totally sure how everything would or wouldn’t be covered. We got disaster cleanup in to mitigate and the claim was filed with MetLife. I was still very concerned as we were going into a weekend. Paul contacted us within 24 hours and just eased all my concerns. He didn’t inspect the property until after the weekend but I was very pleased with his timeliness. The communication was better then I expected. I received detailed breakdowns of what was covered and for how much. There were some supplemental payments that were also handled in a timely way as we worked through the rebuild.

Jason S.
testimonial icon

I just wanted to send you a message to let you know what an awesome job Josh did on my home insurance claim. He was very easy to communicate with and reach whenever I had a question or concern. He made sure the claim was processed correctly and was very thorough. I am very pleased with MetLife for the work that was done on my house and am very thankful my insurance is through you all. You have a customer for life after this experience. I always hear what a pain it is dealing with insurance companies but that wasn’t my experience at all! I hope I never have another claim, but in that worst-case scenario I’m glad it would be through MetLife, and I hope Josh would still be working in my area. Thanks for everything!

Caleb L.
testimonial icon

In July 2016, straight winds took the back half of our roof off. There’s a saying, “When it rains, it pours.” That was so true in our case in more ways than one. The water was coming in rapidly making our wood ceilings and walls warp and the ceilings of sheetrock were literally falling in. In addition, my husband, Jim, was dealing with several serious health issues. We were very fortunate and grateful nobody was hurt and it all could have been much worse but it was still devastating.


We’ve had little experience dealing with insurance companies but we’ve heard many horror stories from reliable sources who have. With my husband’s health, I knew this was another item being added to my already-overflowing plate and I was not looking forward to it. In fact, I immediately thought of the insurance commercial where the spouses are asking one another if they’ve contacted insurance. They respond to one another “no” followed by ludicrous reasons.


Our experience was so different than all of that. I called the toll-free number, filed the report and was told an adjuster would be contacting me in the next couple of days. Gary was assigned to our claim. He assured us from the beginning he would be there through the end. Gary was very punctual and followed through with everything he stated he was going to do, meeting all of the commitments he made. He was always there when we had questions, which we had a lot of, since neither one of us had ever experienced anything like this before. He returned phone calls promptly, showed up when he said he was going to and was very professional, patient and helpful through the entire experience. Gary made an extremely stressful situation bearable to deal with.


Our family and friends were simply amazed at our attitude and positive experience working with Gary so we could move back into our home. We hope and pray we never have to experience anything like this again, but we are very appreciative he was assigned to our disaster. It’s very obvious Gary is extremely knowledgeable and knows all aspects of his job. He was fantastic helping us and guiding us through the entire situation, and he is truly an asset to MetLife.


We’ve been recommending MetLife to all of our family and friends. A huge thanks goes to Gary getting us through what was a horrific situation for us. Thank you!

Jimmy & Pam B.
testimonial icon

I want you to know that I am very satisfied with the work that MetLife and Jeff did to carry out the managing of my claim following the fire in my house this past May. Jeff came promptly and did a thorough and professional job in assessing the situation. He then lined up the companies that cleaned the soot damage in the affected rooms and on the contents. He was also very timely in issuing payments for the items that were lost. I especially appreciated that Jeff was knowledgeable in building construction and could accurately assess the extent of the damage with a contractor’s eye as to what it would take to repair or replace the damaged materials in the room. I found him friendly, caring, thorough and on-task to see my claim through.


This experience has left me feeling very happy that for one, I did not lose my house to the fire, and two, that I’ve had MetLife as my home insurance company all these years. Thank you for the nice job you all did!

James M.
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I wanted to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for the way Jonathan handled my claim. I am a single woman who has been living in the same house for 40 years, and never had a major problem. Unfortunately, I was away for a day, and upon return, found my basement and kitchen flooded by water. It was 10:30 pm, and I panicked, but knew enough to turn off the main water line. I called a friend, and there was not much more I could do but open up the faucet downstairs. For hours I mopped up the water.


In the morning, I called MetLife and spoke with Jonathan. He was kind and very understanding. He knew I was flustered, and he told me not to worry. Although I had no idea what was covered, or what I would be up against in the next few days, I knew this: Jonathan was going to get me through this ordeal. I couldn’t sleep but Jonathan took me through the process and immediately set up a restoration plan. Things are still in a frenzy, but at least now I know I will be okay. The way a claim is handled is very important, no matter the outcome. I can’t say enough about Jonathan, because honestly, he was my shoulder to lean on. It may sound corny to you, but when you are alone, and have no one to turn to, you need that shoulder. So thank you again for this blessing in disguise, and you can rest assured I will spread the good news about MetLife to my family and friends.

Ilona E.
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Thank you for helping get everything settled. It’s been a long road, but I’m thankful that you were here to travel with me through it all. We are so grateful to be moving forward! Thank you for your kindness and professionalism along the way, to the very end.


What you do matters really matters. When the world seemed to be underwater and when it seemed we’d never recover, you were there for me and for my family. Bright blessings to you and yours!


Teresa W.
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Amy was very nice to our family this morning. We showed her the damages done to our home by our new neighbor. She really gets what we’re going through and gave us solutions to an otherwise stressful situation. The estimate she did seems very accurate and fair. My daughter likes the stuffed snoopy dog Amy gave her.

Alexander R.
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Trying to recover physically from being hit by lightning, while at the same time trying to undo the damage to my home caused by the lightning strike, was a very difficult task made considerably easier by my MetLife agent, Vicky. Her expertise, recommendations, rapid responses and kindness made the process of putting my life back together far easier than I anticipated. If my feedback was based on a 1-10 scale with 10 being an outstanding rating, without question, Vicky would receive an 11 from me. You have a superb agent in her.

Gordan M.
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I’m writing to let you know what a pleasure it is having Crystal as my contact agent for my MetLife claim. I’m sure you have considerable experience dealing with distressed people living through disruptive ordeals, but this is my first homeowners claim. Not knowing how to proceed and having so very many questions, I came away from speaking with her with clarity and understanding. She breaks down a complicated process to manageable components and is never impatient or discourteous. If fact, she is compassionate while always remaining a complete professional.


I have spoken to friends and family about what it’s been like going through a loss of belongings and use of a home, and they all ask which insurance company I’m with. I am happy to spread the good word about MetLife. My positive experience is due in a large part to Crystal. I wanted to let you know how grateful I am that she is my property claims adjuster. People often are quick to complain; I thought I should tell someone how a stressful event is being handled efficiently and intelligently. She is an excellent representative of your company.

Victorine S.
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Let me start by saying thank you for the professional way that you and MetLife handled our claim against damage from the hail storm.


Whenever we make decisions on which company to insure with, many times we let everything fall to price and lose sight of what the interaction will be like when you file a claim. Our experience with the process as well as the people is a reason I will recommend MetLife to my friends and family when they ask me who I use for auto and home insurance. Hopefully I will not have to call on you again for quite some time, if ever.

Robert S.
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We appreciate your patience, kindness and diligence in dealing with all the issues. Your job requires you to spend a great deal of time and energy with stressed-out people when they are going through a difficult period. People at their worst! You are a master of handling difficult situations while still remaining friendly and kind. MetLife is fortunate to have you. Thank you, Sally.


Joseph & Antonia G.
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Eden recently handled a claim for us after a tree came down on our house on Mother’s Day, and I wanted to let you know that she did a superb job on her end of things. She was prompt, efficient, detail-oriented and truly seemed to care about our situation and arriving at a positive outcome in a timely manner. This was greatly appreciated on our end.


Her knowledge and enthusiasm for her job was obvious and she is a real asset for you and your team. Please accept our thanks for the great service Eden provided.

Anthony W.
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Thank you so much. We are so impressed with your work. You are one of the most helpful and gracious adjusters we have ever dealt with. Your company had been so responsive to our needs.


Patricia G.
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This claim came at a crazy period in my life. It very well could have been the straw that broke the camel’s back. I’m out of work due to a severe back injury, and I recently was diagnosed with a rare blood disease after almost dying less then a month ago. I was hospitalized for 11 days, it was pretty bad. On top of that, I’m in the middle of opening my own business, which came to an abrupt halt, obviously. In the middle of all this my hot water heater decided to go bad. My head was spinning. We called to file the claim immediately. All we kept thinking was how people say “insurance claims are a nightmare” and all the horror stories you hear.


Enter Don. Don has been beyond helpful. He walked us through everything. He was so nice and calm and explanatory. I was obviously a little freaked out, and he just made us so at ease. Don has gone above and beyond we feel and the funny thing is, it just comes off as him being himself. We couldn’t be anymore thankful, truly! There was a point where I was still overwhelmed with doctor appointments and Don proactively reached out to me since he hadn’t heard from me – even with his vacation coming up – to ensure we were okay and see if there was anything else he could do to help. It’s that kind of service and attitude that is lost today.


This is our first home. With our first baby and our first homeowner claim. It was terrifying, to say the least, especially with everything else going on. Don has made this easy for us. He made it headache-free and didn’t make us feel like we were a pain in his side at all. I really can’t say enough about how we were treated. He listened, even when I babbled about things that had nothing to do with the claim. Class act! We are glad we have MetLife insurance. I never thought I’d say that about any insurance company, haha. I always just assumed they were all the same. Clearly, I was wrong.

Kaitlin C.
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It was a true pleasure getting to meet you and coordinate with you to solve our roof and water damage claim. Thank you for your decades of concentrated perseverance in this, your chosen field. We truly appreciate and admire you for your faithfulness. What stands out the most to us is your attitude. You have a great heart attitude! This truly helped lower our stress level so it would not overwhelm us.


You are a true expert, Jim. How fortunate we are to receive such professional, expert care from a truly well-seasoned, experienced estimator! Thank you for driving all the way from Minnesota to help us during this storm aftermath and our time of need. Thank you!

Robert & Mary G.
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I’m writing this letter of commendation for your agent, Douglas. In working with Doug on my claim, I found him to be knowledgeable about what might be covered and what would not be covered. He was honest, polite and very forthright about what I might expect. I felt that I would be treated fairly and respectfully. You should be very pleased to have a man of his ability and character as your employee. Thank you very much.


Ernest S.
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Our family experienced a horrific fire in our home this past year. I’m writing you today to offer our most sincere thanks and gratitude for all that your adjuster, Mark, did through this process to help our family.


Mark’s professionalism, work ethic, prompt follow-up, sincerity and kindness went above and beyond. Mark is the main reason we will always highly recommend MetLife and continue to insure our current home and future homes with your company. Please convey our thanks to Mark and those he worked with in getting our family back into our safe and beautiful home. It takes a very special person to help people through tragedies. We will always have a deep appreciation for what Mark did to help us through ours.

Stephen and Jennifer Y.
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I am so excited to have this portion of my life accomplished – and it is all so streamlined and working out so well thanks to you and MetLife! Please tell your supervisor that I think you are the best! Your thorough nature and expediting of my claim has made my experience so positive. We are always afraid of insurance – at least I find that. We pay out a great deal, so will it cover our repairs or our needs when we need it? Yes! All that I pay for MetLife (which is hard for me – it is a lot, but now I see it is for excellent coverage) is well worth it when I have a disaster like this. Mother Nature was hard on us, but you made it a beautiful experience.


Ann H.
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Wow! I cannot believe how quickly and efficiently this claim was handled. You guys rock! Thanks so much for making this a (relatively) painless process. I have heard so many horror stories about people with homeowner claims getting treated badly and having the insurance company deny charges and make things difficult for the customer. The exact opposite happened to us.


Your company was right on top of things from day one. Jason was especially nice! The prepaid card is an innovative and timesaving process, no waiting for checks, etc. That alone sets MetLife apart, beside the fact that every person in your company and the companies you are associated with have been friendly, very professional and even compassionate – amazing. Thanks again. Hopefully this will be the end of this claim. Hope never to have another, but if we do, it’ll be a pleasure!

Tammie Y.
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With great admiration, I am pleased to report the outstanding customer service, professionalism, and attention to claim details that was demonstrated by Greg. From the initial call and subsequent conversations, his attitude toward homeowner concerns has been outstanding. Because true customer service is a rarity in our current world environment, it is in my opinion commendable to have a true professional who “walks what he talks.” I recommend Greg for appropriate recognition of his outstanding field customer service performance. Overall, my experience with MetLife’s responsiveness to my claim has been superb.

Frank B.
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Thank you so much for your assistance, Paul! MetLife has really come through for me. Over the years, I have very much enjoyed and valued my relationship with the entire MetLife team. Thanks again and very best regards.

Curtis M.
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Jason, I hope this finds you well. Just wanted to say how much we appreciate all you and MetLife has done for us. The day our house and shop with all belongings burned we really felt totally lost. We new we had insurance, but to be honest, that day I couldn’t have told you who it was with. That day I watched our house burn down with tears in my eyes not knowing what to do and how we would make it through the night.


This was a house I built myself, drove every nail. It was also a house that sits on land our family has owned since the mid 1800’s. I will never forget the comfort you gave as you talked to me on the phone that day giving me peace that all would be okay – and it was in the end. You and MetLife made the most unpleasant event as easy as humanly possible. As a businessman most of my life I have paid a lot of money in insurance premiums and had never really had a claim at all. The old saying “Insurance is only a good thing if you need it” is a true statement. We needed it after this fire and, other than some things money can’t buy like family heirlooms, we are as back to being whole as can be expected.


We feel blessed we had MetLife as our insurance and truly blessed to have you as our adjuster. I know you have a long history with MetLife but doubt they know your true value. I doubt they know that while trying to be fair and compassionate at the same time you are looking out for MetLife’s best interest as well. We certainly had our share of discussions over what could and would be paid. As a business owner I can also appreciate you looking out for MetLife as well. We knew it wasn’t an open checkbook for sure but at the end we are happy customers.


At any time I can do something for you or MetLife I would love the chance to do so. Jason, I will make this short but just saying thank you for all you have done and all MetLife has done for my family and I. May God always bless you and your family and please stop and see us if ever in our area.

David P.
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I have recently had a major claim with MetLife. I was at a loss as to what to do about anything. Gary, the adjuster that is handling my claim walked me through the whole process that was going to take place and explained everything in great detail to make sure I understood. He has stayed in touch with me, kept me up-to-date with everything and has made sure I have had what I needed along the way. I am so very impressed with everyone I have spoken to from MetLife, and especially with Gary. Thank you to MetLife and to its people. I am a customer for life.

Jeffrey M.
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I want you to know about the excellent customer service I received from John, my adjuster. When you have a disaster in your home, you’re not sure what’s going to happen. However, I found out that John was very expedient, knowledgeable and thorough which made me feel comfortable that this situation was going to be handled. He was very willing to answer all of my questions and if there was something still questionable, he checked into it and responded. His explanations were very clear. He is clearly very knowledgeable, professional and compassionate. If all of your employees are like John, MetLife Auto & Home is a company of excellence!

Sylvia W.
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Feeling much better, thank you so much for your follow-up. I would ask you to please forward this to your supervisor for me, I can’t tell you how impressed I am with MetLife handling of my claim, this was my first experience with MetLife (and hopefully last, no offense! ) and from the first phone call I spoke to Tiffany who was so kind and understanding. She then told me another person will be calling me to set up my appointment to survey the damage, two hours later Jeff called me telling me my claim number and telling me that it was assigned and to expect a call shortly.


A few hours later Elsa called me and was able to come on Thursday morning before I went to work, (This was all on Tuesday), I was so impressed with the quick and professional response. Elsa arrived on time and was so polite and caring, she said she needed to go to her car for a few minutes and would be right back, she came back with a debit card with the amount of my claim on it already! I was so stunned, I thought I would have to wait weeks for it to be processed and before I would ever see a check. I had a problem the next day after Elsa left and I e-mailed her she got back to me so promptly and took care of it immediately. Her follow-up and attention to detail is exceptional.


It was such a pleasure dealing with your company and I have told so many people about your exemplary service and can’t praise your employees enough. In today’s world you don’t find many companies that really strive for customer service. Thank you again for making an awful situation so much easier to cope with.

Theresa E.
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I wanted to thank you. Throughout this long process of addressing the damage done to our home you have been so patient and supportive of us. We cannot thank you enough for scheduling the many professionals who visited our home to remediate the initial damage and then assess the cost of repair work.


You have always been quick to respond to our questions and very importantly, you present yourself as a professional who is genuinely concerned that our problems get resolved. In my opinion MetLife is fortunate to have you as a representative of this company and dealing directly with their customers. Please pass this note along to your supervisors so that they will know just how much we appreciate the work you did on our behalf. Because of people working for MetLife like yourself we will remain loyal customers and we will be sure to tell others of the positive experience we had dealing with a difficult domestic issue. Thank you again.

Kenneth T.
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Just wanted to thank you for the excellent service you gave us on this claim. You were knowledgeable, friendly, helpful and understanding of our loss. We are very satisfied with your payment. Loved dealing with MetLife Auto & Home.

Carole P.
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Our home is in a current state of disarray. It is the most uncomfortable, insecure feeling when your home is supposed to be your “safe” place. From the moment we made the phone call to MetLife, it has been an efficient process. Within 48 hours, we had Susan visit my home. Susan is very professional with a pleasant demeanor. Susan’s understanding and reassurance has certainly made this easier for our family. We write you in hopes that she can be recognized for positively representing MetLife. We have been with MetLife for as long as we have owned our home (almost 15 years) and even longer with our auto insurance. This experience of extraordinary customer service solidifies us as life long customers. Thank you.

Anne and Richard G.
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I would like to take the time to expand on my experiences with Keith as our claims agent during our recent fire loss this past year. From the start my wife and I had heard “horror stories” about insurance agents and claims immediately after we experienced our fire in June. Now, looking back, we realize how truly fortunate we were to have had the blessing to work with Keith. Keith immediately made us feel safe in that he would make sure we were taken care of by taking us through the process patiently, and most importantly, in a caring way that was genuine.


Keith was readily accessible and always returned calls within a reasonable time frame, which was very important to us. He always acted with true professionalism and we felt like he was fighting for our family, which we will be forever grateful for. Going through an experience like we did was like a true-life nightmare, but Keith was our shining glimmer of hope from the beginning. And as the process unfolded and we regained our lives, Keith helped us put the pieces of our lives back together.


Even when we experienced issues along the way with the restoration company that we hired, Keith made sure we understood all the intricacies of what had caused it and how to get back on track as soon as possible so we could move on with our lives as a family. The one word I come back to is that Keith showed compassion from start to finish – this is not learned, but inherited, and is a true pillar of character a human being has. We felt this each day we dealt with Keith – and we can just simply only say thank you to MetLife for hiring such a well-rounded, patient, smart, diligent, hard-working and caring individual!


Our lives and our children’s lives have been pieced together once again and we have found a sense of normalcy to move forward now due to the our positive experiences with Keith and MetLife. Thank you!

Scott M.
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It has been a pleasure to work with you and our contractor, Kevin, sorting out this claim. We have been extremely satisfied (and relieved) by your excellent service and your reasonable and fair approach. You have the perfect demeanor to put customers at ease in a stressful situation, and MetLife’s stock in our eyes has only increased because of your efforts. We appreciate all that you have done.

Bradley and Camille L.
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We are extremely amazed and astonished at how quick, professional and thorough you have been in servicing our loss claim. The team and services that you marshaled so deftly speaks truth to your statement “my goal is to ensure that you are completely satisfied with my customer service.” Yes we are – your rating in all categories so far has been 10+! We have been singing these praises: “They may have good hands, but at MetLife we have angels.” Thank you for your professionalism and thoroughness.

Debra and Allen B.
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I can’t express enough gratitude to MetLife and Mike, my adjuster, for what you’ve all done for me since my condo burned down in October. Mike is an outstanding, kind, responsive, and knowledgeable employee. He has virtually been by my side every minute of this nightmare of the last three weeks. He has answered every phone call, question and email promptly, even at night! No one could have done more than he has. If I were to rate him on a 1 – 10 scale, it would be a 1000 – infinity. My sincere and heartfelt thanks for the kindness and humanity exhibited by Mike and MetLife. Naturally, I tell everyone how good MetLife has been to me.

Kristine B.
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I am writing to let you know how impressed and satisfied my wife and I are with Joe regarding his professionalism and knowledge pertaining to homeowner insurance. We had some water damage to our home and Joe contacted me within 24 hours to set an appointment to come by and evaluate the damage. His first priority was my family’s safety.


Since this was our first-ever encounter with any insurance adjuster, we did not know what to expect. Joe came through with flying colors. He explained what his and the insurance company’s role were regarding us and our home. He detailed out what and how things would progress regarding insurance. Joe alleviated our anxiety immediately and made us feel we were his number one priority. I emailed him several times after he came and he immediately emailed back. I would hope that everyone’s experience with an insurance agent and company could be as mine has been.

Spencer G.
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I want to inform you of the outstanding service and communication when working with Vincent on a recent homeowners claim. This process went far smoother than I expected. I was talking to my neighbors about it as well, and all of them were so impressed with the level of service and speed. They said, “Wow, you must have great homeowners insurance – who do you have?” I proudly told them MetLife and I’m a very satisfied customer! I also work for an insurance company and know the value of providing excellent customer service. Vincent deserves a lot of credit for doing his job beyond expectations.

Michael and Gina N.
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I am contacting you in regards to my recent experience with my MetLife claim. Our representative, Randy, was wonderful to work with. He was very thorough and kept us up-to-date during the whole process. He always returned our calls promptly and was a delight to work with.


I have been a homeowner for 17 years, and a MetLife customer for the past 7. I will be happy to recommend MetLife to anyone looking for homeowners insurance. Although we did not wish to have to make a claim, it is reassuring to know that if something happens in the future, we are insured by a quality company with excellent customer service and excellent representatives like Randy.

Nicole K.
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I wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you. Being a homeowner for almost 40 years, this was the first claim I ever submitted. The image I had was like going to the dentist, very painful. You made this quite painless. Your professionalism, promptness, attention to detail, and most importantly, your patience and clarity to my questions make me happy I am a customer of MetLife. Thank you again.

Terry F.
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I just wanted to take the time to write you and tell you what a great experience my family had with a recent claim we had to make on our home roof. The initial call I made to our insurance agent’s office was not so welcoming as that person spent more time telling me what might happen if I filed a claim; rates going up possibly, not worth the deductible, etc. – so I was off-put a bit by that.


When Ricky arrived at my house, I could tell immediately that his intent was to focus on my concern and to make sure that regardless of what he discovered, that he would take that concern seriously and be detailed in his inspection. Not only was Ricky thorough and methodical with the steps his took throughout his inspection, but he spent considerable extra time with me answering questions I had and providing great insights and advice on preventative care that will benefit me and the life of my roof as well as other aspects of my home maintenance for years to come. Truly above and beyond his job as a claims adjuster.


I know the industry has been stressed by the high volume of storms our area has seen over the last few years; it’s nice when you can encounter someone who will take the time to make a homeowner feel engaged and create a sense of caring beyond the numbers and the papers being filed. Can’t say enough good things. The experience certainly made me forget about that initial call I made to my agent, for sure. Thought you should know.

Matthew S.
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Funny, I never wrote a “Dear John” letter before. I knew that MetLife and its associates would come through for me. So thrilled to know that there are still companies and people out there that truly care and have compassion. You have made me one happy customer today and I will be sure to brag about my wonderful experience with you even though short lived.


And if I can mention just one more thing. Luke and his crew have been fantastic throughout the entire process. MetLife should surely continue to work with him as a contractor. He too was very understanding, compassionate and worked very hard to restore my home back to the way it was.

Manuella J.
testimonial icon

We have been very impressed and happy with the great service and attention we have received from MetLife. MetLife is better than a good neighbor, MetLife is a good insurance company.

Mary Jo W.
testimonial icon

As someone who has worked in the business services sector for more than 30 years and run a small service-based company myself, I have come to set a high standard for appropriate service and the attention to detail that is required to be successful. Your prompt, professional and courteous approach to my claim leaves me quite impressed.


Your effort meets or exceeds the high level of service I have come to expect from the MetLife brand. Indeed everyone I have spoken with at MetLife has been excellent. You personally, in quality, are certainly at the top of an organization that lives up to its advertising. As an officer on a co-op board, and in my business, I have had enough opportunities to deal with other insurers, and without naming names, MetLife is absolutely the best, and you personify that tradition of prompt, helpful and fast service.


As a home policy holder for 30 years, I can sleep better at night knowing that if, God forbid, something went wrong, I have MetLife standing behind me, with someone like you on the job.

Aaron B.
testimonial icon

I wanted to share something with you. I am sure you have dealt with thousands of home insurance claims. Earlier this year, I had my first one ever. For years I have endorsed MetLife and have even recommended MetLife to others. Since this incident, I have probably sold a few dozen policies for you guys and have a number of other people reconsidering other carriers.


The incident which prompted the claim involved a large piece of ice that came from the sky. It definitely led to some stressful moments for me and my family. But in the process, your people proved to me it is worth paying for good insurance. From the very beginning, MetLife sprang into action, covering the hole in my roof and immediately sending a remediation company to dry out my house. I had no idea my insurance company would do all of that for me.


Your skilled, knowledgeable expert, Pat, was with us almost immediately to thoroughly document the situation and provide helpful advice and guidance through what was a very difficult process. Pat had thoughtful answers to every question I asked and took his time to make sure all of the damage to my previously immaculate house was professionally documented. Pat stayed with us through the entire process, helping me through every detail with kind and compassionate communication. The most valuable asset of any company is its people, and all of the wonderful MetLife people I dealt with were thorough, the entire process certainly made me feel like they cared.

Keith W.
testimonial icon

Wanted to provide you with some feedback on the outstanding support that I received from Larry on a recent claim for ice and snow damages. From the initial phone conversation, through his review of the damages, to the presentation of the estimate, Larry was extremely professional, courteous and thorough. He paid great attention to detail in his analysis of the damages. Additionally, he provided me some good ideas and options for the repairs needed. Larry truly understands what the word “customer” means, and what customer support means to the MetLife team. I was completely happy with the support I received throughout the process. Thanks to Larry and MetLife.

Dennis P.
testimonial icon

Rex, first and foremost, thanks for honoring my service to our nation as a veteran! I’m truly humbled and appreciative of you for taking the extra time to explain in detail, the claim process, and for answering all my questions honestly and professionally, I’m grateful. Lastly, thanks for carefully examining my damages and for providing me an exceptional, detailed analysis of the same in a most expedient manner. Rex, your total dedication to a customer’s satisfaction and your profession as a skilled artesian is further noted. Thanks once more for your professionalism.

Joshua B.
testimonial icon

Joe, thank you! Married for 39 years, Vickie and I have owned four homes and have never filed a claim on our homeowners insurance. And, we hoped we never would. Then, the severe weather in February, which included significant hail and tornados touching down in nearby Oxford, impacted several families including us.


We are extremely happy with the way in which MetLife took care of us and, in particular, your professionalism and courteousness. Saying thank you is simply inadequate but please know that Vickie and I could not be more impressed and pleased. You made our first (and, hopefully last) homeowner’s insurance claim a pleasant experience.


Not only were we pleasantly surprised with the ease of filing the claim and the expediency in which MetLife responded, but, most importantly, Vickie was very happy with the way in which you explained everything. Vickie said she felt as though she was dealing with a friend and not an insurance adjuster. You are certainly an outstanding ambassador for your company. MetLife is fortunate to have you and we are thankful that you handled our claim.

John and Vickie B.
testimonial icon

I am so excited to have this portion of my life accomplished – and it is all so streamlined and working out so well thanks to you and MetLife! Please tell your supervisor that I think you are the best! Your thorough nature and expediting of my claim has made my experience so positive. We are always afraid of insurance – at least I find that. We pay out a great deal, so will it cover our repairs or our needs when we need it? Yes! All that I pay for MetLife (which is hard for me – it is a lot, but now I see it is for excellent coverage) is well worth it when I have a disaster like this. Mother Nature was hard on us, but you made it a beautiful experience.


Mary A.
testimonial icon

I wanted to give a sincere thank you for your help with my roof claim. I have to be very honest: I thought this would be a complicated and slow process, and I was absolutely amazed this was handled so quickly with a check being provided the same day that you visited.


Of all the years that I’ve been with MetLife for both auto and home, I have not had a claim, so I did not know what to expect if something happened. Now I’m glad that I have MetLife, and it brings a whole new appreciation and sense of security. I plan on being a MetLife customer for many more years.


I’d also like to thank you for your professionalism and say that you are a great representative of your company. What has been a very difficult month of dealing with these issues has been made easier by having MetLife and someone like you facilitating a quick resolution. I can’t say thank you enough.

William C.
testimonial icon

I wanted to send my heartfelt thanks for all of your time, assistance and support with repairing our home after it sustained water damage. MetLife had Servpro at our house the same day that the damage occurred to help dry the home and remove the wet flooring and ceiling. Your estimates came very quickly as well, which helped us to start getting our home put back together. You were very patient with all of our questions which was a relief considering that we have never been through this process before.


Being out of our home for a month was extremely stressful but we feel that the process was much more streamlined, straightforward and thus tolerable thanks to you and your team. We sincerely hope to never have to go through this again, but would rest assured knowing that you and MetLife had our best interests at heart.

Christina and Kevin W.
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