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I never do this, but I feel I needed to let you know that your agent Darlene is an asset to your company.

The floor joists were repaired Friday, and I had a new water tank installed Sunday. I would like to thank her so very much for her assistance in getting me back to normalcy. I will never forget all she did to put my life back together. She’s amazing.

Had it not been for her going to bat for me with the condo association, I would still be out of my condo without hot water. I was without hot water for three and a half weeks and the association tried to fault me for a structural issue. Darlene called and wrote a letter on my behalf. I was broken, tired and heading to a depressed state. She was very kind, understanding and helped me through the entire process as much as she could and always returned my calls in a timely manner.

I have never tried to sell anyone on any company, but I will be spreading the word to switch to a company that truly is on your side. Kudos to MetLife for hiring such a wonderful, kind and hardworking agent that made a difficult process so much easier.

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It was a pleasure working with you as my claims representative/adjuster. The circumstances weren't ideal, but what insurance claim is? It’s good to know that when calamity comes, MetLife is on my side! You were very responsive throughout every step of the process and made our situation a priority. Everyone who worked on our home commented positively on the way that MetLife was handling things. For an insurance company, your service was above par.

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Now that my garage rebuild is complete after an eight-month “struggle,” I would like to thank you for the services you provided.

After hearing the horror stories of several people who have gone through similar circumstances and have experienced more than a little resistance from their insurance carrier, I can’t tell how pleased I am with both you and MetLife.

We had problems with the heat and rain this summer, plus issues hiring contractors to remove the old garage, extricate the car, dig up and replace the old footings and foundation and finally get the garage rebuilt. I’ve got to say I am more than completely satisfied with your personal performance and MetLife as a company through this whole process.

I appreciate your quick response after being sent to New Jersey from North Carolina to help out in this area after our freakish storm. You got me an immediate estimate with a check and followed up in a quick fashion as the project progressed when I had to make a few requests for more funds due to a contractor oversight on certain cost aspects of the process. And you honored the provision in my contract, which allowed me to replace the footings and foundation to meet the current building codes.

I also appreciate my policy provision to charge only one deductible instead of one for the car claim and one for the garage, plus the provision to pay me $20 per day for not renting a car while we were waiting to get it extricated from the garage and a decision was made to total it. Those credits allowed me to almost close the price gap between our replacement car and the one destroyed by the tree falling on the garage.

I don’t think I have ever seen an advertisement for this insurance product that combines house, car and a million dollar liability package.

I got it quite by accident when someone stopped by to check on my MetLife life insurance policy. I, along with most people I talk to, are not even aware that MetLife sells anything but life insurance! Again, thanks for everything, and if you ever get reassigned up here again, give me a call. I would enjoy taking you out for dinner.

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We had to place a claim several weeks ago due to storm damage on our property. This was during a busy time for us — our wedding was right around the corner, and I was dealing with some health issues. To say the least, it was stressful.

I wanted to reach out to you about the claims adjuster that was assigned to our claim. I know that many times companies only get complaints from their clients. Having held a leadership position for a national company, I can certainly attest to that fact. That is why when I deal with an individual that not only represents their company extremely well but goes above what might be required of them, I like to reach out and notify their manager.

Catherine was professional and extremely knowledgeable when discussing the various items that were damaged. Catherine was also very caring about our situation and understood that it was stressful for us. She made us feel very comfortable with the evaluation process and also assured us that it would be quickly resolved, which, by the way, it was!

Catherine also followed up with us on several occasions after her initial visit to make sure all was proceeding well and to make sure there wasn’t anything amiss.

Thanks to you, Catherine and MetLife!

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As a customer of MetLife, I never thought that I would have to deal with this issue. Then bad luck struck: My house burned to the ground.

Friends and family – based on their previous experiences with other insurance companies – warned of a frustrating and difficult time ahead of me. Not true when dealing with MetLife.

My case was assigned to Gary. I immediately received an email with a detailed explanation about the process, coverage and other related information. Gary also contacted me by phone to make sure that I understood everything.

Since I had no previous experience, I had questions. Gary took the time to answer them and did an excellent job keeping me informed with the details.

MetLife is a very good insurance company, and the people working for the company make it even better. Gary did an excellent job, and I will always refer my family, friends and associates to MetLife.

I’d like to express my appreciation to MetLife, and especially Gary, for all his help and understanding during this difficult time for me.

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I wanted to let you know what a positive experience I had dealing with Jonathan. I had a septic water problem at my house, and I filed my first claim in 30 years. I was very inexperienced in dealing with something like this and looked to MetLife for assistance. Jonathan was professional, courteous, and very competent. Jonathan used his expertise and knowledge to effectively negotiate with the vendor to lower their price and settle the claim efficiently and quickly. He is a real credit to your organization and MetLife in general. I would highly recommend MetLife to others. Thanks again, Jonathan, for a wonderful experience!

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