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My husband and I have had MetLife insurance for both our autos and home for many years. Until recently, I don't think we ever filed a claim. This past summer, we experienced wind storms and hail damage that blew shingles from our roof onto our yard. As a widow, I did not think to contact MetLife about the roof damage until recently.

I cannot say enough good things about Matt, who investigated my claim! He was prompt, professional and so kind. What started out as a very stressful situation for me, quickly became manageable when Matt got involved. He walked me through the process, answered my questions, and had my claim processed in less than a week. Friends and family have been amazed as I have recounted this positive experience!

My roof has been replaced, and I am very thankful for MetLife's response, and in particular, Matt's assistance. Thank you!

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I am writing to say thank you! Vinnie worked with us on our claim and was simply wonderful. We had taken a long path on this claim journey, which was challenging for us but when Vinnie joined our claim, suddenly everything became so much easier. He was very friendly, explained the process very clearly, and followed up with calls and emails in a timely manner. This reduced the time we would be left with questions open, and that made us more relaxed and at ease with the understanding of the next steps. And then his timeliness in mailing the various checks was great. It all made things on our end so much easier.

Our journey started in mid-April when a ton of water came in through our ceiling. There was a roof drain above us that had been blocked when the builders had built a deck over it. They had also left construction debris near it, which over 5 years had moved to block the drain. The weight of the backed-up water had also compromised the roof in a couple of places.

MetLife was very helpful from the beginning, I worked with Mike and he made the move into a hotel easy so that we could have ServPro come in and remove all the soaking-wet ceiling as well as dry our apartment out to prevent mold. Booking ServPro and moving into the hotel was definitely made easier with the processes MetLife has in place. He also sent in a sub-contracted adjuster from MetLife. I am not fully sure what this step was, but the documentation from that visit did appear to be helpful in the long run.

However, we then had to deal with our condo association to fix all the roof issues. This was a painful process, made much more stressful than necessary courtesy of our neighbors, and we moved home and lived in a dark home for several months until this was all fixed. At that time, the stress was so intense that we didn’t spend a ton of energy moving our claim forward. We also knew we had to have the roof fully repaired before we moved forward with any internal repairs.

When we were able to return to focusing on repairing our ceiling, we found out that we had to make a claim through our condo association insurance. We had a week or so of working with them only to find out they were denying the claim. At this time MetLife stepped in. Mike was nice, and eventually the quotes from our contractors pushed him to bringing in a MetLife adjuster. This was when we met Vinnie. It became so much easier from that point forward. He provided your estimate, which was close enough to our contractor costs that we were able to commit to repairing the ceiling with the contractor we wanted to work with. The check came through in a timely manner so we were able to book all of our contractors for this work. He also authorized two months in rental accommodation, which Mike helped us book. We ended up taking the majority of this time with about 4 days to spare, so Vinnie’s estimate was pretty accurate.

We are now home, our ceiling looks great, and we just have one or two more visits from our contractors to close out the punch list. We are so grateful for everything the whole MetLife team has done for us that we will remain MetLife customers for life. We see insurance as mainly for catastrophic events like this, hence our high deductible, and we truly hope that we never have to file a claim again, but we will be happy knowing that we have MetLife insurance in case we do.

Many thanks!

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As you know, our house was struck by lightning. Although I feel fortunate that it could have been much worse, there was significant structural damage and personal losses. I could not be happier with how you handled the difficult situation we were in. From the first phone call, a crew was sent out to the house, within hours, to begin the process of restoration. Each crew you sent to the house, from cleaning to water damage controls, did an amazing job in a timely manner. Mostly though, I was very impressed with how you handled your part of this process. The money was in my account six days after the strike, allowing me to expedite the contractors necessary to get us back to normal. Your skills and professionalism are a testament to MetLife. Thank you so much, Elsa, for taking a difficult situation and making it as seamless as possible! I have, and will continue to recommend to all of my friends and family MetLife for their insurance needs. No one could have done the job better! Again, thank you so much and may God bless!!!

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Just wanted to give credit where it is due: You were a true blessing! This experience was very stressful, unfamiliar, and devastating to me. I lost a lot of items due to this water damage. I missed work. I cried. I called you a lot! With that said, not one time did you act frustrated or rude or make me feel that I was just a typical claimant. You went over and above to answer my questions and assure me that you were there to help me, always in a very professional manner. My settlement may not have been all that I claimed, but it was a start — and a nice start at that. I thank you so much for being understanding, committed, and encouraging during my devastation. MetLife has a true gem with you as a representative of their company. I will forever be grateful for being a customer. Truly thankful!

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We can finally see a light at the end of the tunnel for the rebuild of our beautiful home! It unfortunately had to be bulldozed due to a faulty gas line that exploded and caught our home on fire. One of the things that has kept us sane throughout this process is the kindness, professionalism and conscientiousness of Mike and the quality of our contract Grand Protect Insurance with MetLife. We would consider any client to be lucky to have Mike assigned to their disaster project and would recommend MetLife as an insurance carrier without reservation. Thank you again for everything.

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I'm sending a quick note of praise for Sue. My hot water tank leaked into my newly finished basement on Sunday night, saturating all of the brand-new carpet and drywall. Sue was out here Monday, assessed the damage, wrote an estimate and transferred funds to my bank in record time. I thought dealing with insurance was going to add to this nightmare, but quite the opposite: Sue was professional, supportive, friendly and prompt. She explained everything clearly and put my mind at ease. What a gem! Thank you so much for helping my family through our misfortune.

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