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I wanted to let you know what a positive experience I had dealing with Jonathan. I had a septic water problem at my house, and I filed my first claim in 30 years. I was very inexperienced in dealing with something like this and looked to MetLife for assistance. Jonathan was professional, courteous, and very competent. Jonathan used his expertise and knowledge to effectively negotiate with the vendor to lower their price and settle the claim efficiently and quickly. He is a real credit to your organization and MetLife in general. I would highly recommend MetLife to others. Thanks again, Jonathan, for a wonderful experience!

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Thank you so much for your quick, professional response. At such a stressful time, it was reassuring to have you assess the situation and prepare your report so quickly and thoroughly. This is the first time in my life that I have had to file a homeowners claim, and I am so grateful for MetLife’s response. It is not easy to be displaced from one’s home, but having you on my team certainly gives me peace of mind. You’re the best!

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Thanks again for all your help. We all have new roofs at our development, and most of us have had all interior damage fixed as well. We still have not totally fixed our ceiling in our front room but will be doing so once the weather improves. This process was definitely a learning experience, and to be very honest, based on feedback from all of the homeowners in our development, the service you provided to us during this terrible ordeal was by far the best of any insurance company and the best of any insurance adjuster. Thanks again. Hopefully we won't need your services again anytime soon.

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My family and I recently had a sewage backup in our basement. This came at the worst possible time in our lives with so much already going on, plus it was a very busy time of year. We filed a claim for the first time ever. We were concerned about the process being somewhat cumbersome, and having to go through this was already draining us.

However, this experience has been anything but cumbersome. Todd has been extremely attentive and considerate, and he answered all of our questions quickly and clearly. He helped us understand the process and way it all works. The process was effortless and stress-free. I wanted to send a note to say how helpful and wonderful Todd has been during this process. Thank you!

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We had a water event in our upstairs bathroom a few weeks ago. What we initially thought was just some water on the floor from a broken toilet float turned out to be much more substantial. We had just completed a full remodel of our home 10 months ago.

We called MetLife. The person who took our call told us that a claims adjustor would call us the next day. Lisa called, as promised, and came to our home. She was curious, knowledgeable, and empathetic. She was a pro, and it showed. With just a few additional emails our claim was wrapped up and the funds deposited for us to begin repairs.

Lisa is what great service looks like in action. We are thankful we are insured with MetLife. There is more to insurance than a premium and a payout. Lisa made the difference.

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We are back in our home and had a thank-you open house this past Saturday evening for our contractors, the fire department, and everyone else who helped us out on this end. About 40 guests came by, ate a few treats, and checked out their personal work with pride as they experienced the collective final project. The shop talk was fun to hear, as well as the firemen retelling the story. But one of our greatest thank yous goes out to you. We are so grateful for your kindness, your graciousness in answering our questions, and moving the process forward. We have sung the praises of MetLife when others would tell us their stories of dismay of working with their insurance companies. I know this might be your job, but integrity and excellence comes from the heart.

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