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I wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you. Being a homeowner for almost 40 years, this was the first claim I ever submitted. The image I had was like going to the dentist, very painful. You made this quite painless. Your professionalism, promptness, attention to detail, and most importantly, your patience and clarity to my questions make me happy I am a customer of MetLife. Thank you again.

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Funny, I never wrote a "Dear John" letter before. I knew that MetLife and its associates would come through for me. So thrilled to know that there are still companies and people out there that truly care and have compassion. You have made me one happy customer today and I will be sure to brag about my wonderful experience with you even though short lived.


And if I can mention just one more thing. Luke and his crew have been fantastic throughout the entire process. MetLife should surely continue to work with him as a contractor. He too was very understanding, compassionate and worked very hard to restore my home back to the way it was.

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Joe, thank you! Married for 39 years, Vickie and I have owned four homes and have never filed a claim on our homeowners insurance. And, we hoped we never would. Then, the severe weather in February, which included significant hail and tornados touching down in nearby Oxford, impacted several families including us.


We are extremely happy with the way in which MetLife took care of us and, in particular, your professionalism and courteousness. Saying thank you is simply inadequate but please know that Vickie and I could not be more impressed and pleased. You made our first (and, hopefully last) homeowner's insurance claim a pleasant experience.


Not only were we pleasantly surprised with the ease of filing the claim and the expediency in which MetLife responded, but, most importantly, Vickie was very happy with the way in which you explained everything. Vickie said she felt as though she was dealing with a friend and not an insurance adjuster. You are certainly an outstanding ambassador for your company. MetLife is fortunate to have you and we are thankful that you handled our claim.

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I am so excited to have this portion of my life accomplished - and it is all so streamlined and working out so well thanks to you and MetLife! Please tell your supervisor that I think you are the best! Your thorough nature and expediting of my claim has made my experience so positive. We are always afraid of insurance – at least I find that. We pay out a great deal, so will it cover our repairs or our needs when we need it? Yes! All that I pay for MetLife (which is hard for me – it is a lot, but now I see it is for excellent coverage) is well worth it when I have a disaster like this. Mother Nature was hard on us, but you made it a beautiful experience.


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I wanted to give a sincere thank you for your help with my roof claim. I have to be very honest: I thought this would be a complicated and slow process, and I was absolutely amazed this was handled so quickly with a check being provided the same day that you visited.


Of all the years that I’ve been with MetLife for both auto and home, I have not had a claim, so I did not know what to expect if something happened. Now I’m glad that I have MetLife, and it brings a whole new appreciation and sense of security. I plan on being a MetLife customer for many more years.


I’d also like to thank you for your professionalism and say that you are a great representative of your company. What has been a very difficult month of dealing with these issues has been made easier by having MetLife and someone like you facilitating a quick resolution. I can’t say thank you enough.

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I wanted to send my heartfelt thanks for all of your time, assistance and support with repairing our home after it sustained water damage. MetLife had Servpro at our house the same day that the damage occurred to help dry the home and remove the wet flooring and ceiling. Your estimates came very quickly as well, which helped us to start getting our home put back together. You were very patient with all of our questions which was a relief considering that we have never been through this process before.


Being out of our home for a month was extremely stressful but we feel that the process was much more streamlined, straightforward and thus tolerable thanks to you and your team. We sincerely hope to never have to go through this again, but would rest assured knowing that you and MetLife had our best interests at heart.

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