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I have always believed that to be a good insurance company, it is not how low the premiums are or how good the agents are, although they are important. The true mark of an insurance company is how they handle claims. Your company and you, as a representative of MetLife, have been outstanding. You have been professional, courteous and understanding with my loss. I thank you for the service given me. You have taken care of me and I am extremely grateful. I really made a good decision when I selected MetLife as my insurance company.


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Let me start by saying thank you for the professional way that you and MetLife handled our claim against damage from the hail storm.


Whenever we make decisions on which company to insure with, many times we let everything fall to price and lose sight of what the interaction will be like when you file a claim. Our experience with the process as well as the people is a reason I will recommend MetLife to my friends and family when they ask me who I use for auto and home insurance. Hopefully I will not have to call on you again for quite some time, if ever.

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Wow! I cannot believe how quickly and efficiently this claim was handled. You guys rock! Thanks so much for making this a (relatively) painless process. I have heard so many horror stories about people with homeowner claims getting treated badly and having the insurance company deny charges and make things difficult for the customer. The exact opposite happened to us.


Your company was right on top of things from day one. Jason was especially nice! The prepaid card is an innovative and timesaving process, no waiting for checks, etc. That alone sets MetLife apart, beside the fact that every person in your company and the companies you are associated with have been friendly, very professional and even compassionate – amazing. Thanks again. Hopefully this will be the end of this claim. Hope never to have another, but if we do, it'll be a pleasure!

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I have recently had a major claim with MetLife. I was at a loss as to what to do about anything. Gary, the adjuster that is handling my claim walked me through the whole process that was going to take place and explained everything in great detail to make sure I understood. He has stayed in touch with me, kept me up-to-date with everything and has made sure I have had what I needed along the way. I am so very impressed with everyone I have spoken to from MetLife, and especially with Gary. Thank you to MetLife and to its people. I am a customer for life.

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It has been a pleasure to work with you and our contractor, Kevin, sorting out this claim. We have been extremely satisfied (and relieved) by your excellent service and your reasonable and fair approach. You have the perfect demeanor to put customers at ease in a stressful situation, and MetLife's stock in our eyes has only increased because of your efforts. We appreciate all that you have done.

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I am writing to let you know how impressed and satisfied my wife and I are with Joe regarding his professionalism and knowledge pertaining to homeowner insurance. We had some water damage to our home and Joe contacted me within 24 hours to set an appointment to come by and evaluate the damage. His first priority was my family's safety.


Since this was our first-ever encounter with any insurance adjuster, we did not know what to expect. Joe came through with flying colors. He explained what his and the insurance company's role were regarding us and our home. He detailed out what and how things would progress regarding insurance. Joe alleviated our anxiety immediately and made us feel we were his number one priority. I emailed him several times after he came and he immediately emailed back. I would hope that everyone's experience with an insurance agent and company could be as mine has been.

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