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How to Shovel Snow

Make sure you shovel snow the right—and safe—way.

Thousands of people visit emergency rooms each year with injuries sustained while shoveling snow. Prevent a trip to the ER by following these easy safety rules:

Tackle the job early. Fresh snow is lighter and easier to shovel than packed snow. Clearing 1 foot of heavy snow from a 16×30-foot driveway equates to clearing approximately 4 tons of snow.

Dress appropriately. Avoid hypothermia by dressing in layers. As your body temperature rises, you can shed clothing to reduce sweating. Also be sure to wear a hat, gloves and slip-resistant boots.

Warm up first. Get your blood flowing by marching in place for a few minutes. To avoid pulling a muscle, take time to stretch your arms, legs and back.

Pick a good shovel. The right shovel can make a huge difference. Select the appropriate tool for the job:

Pace yourself. Take your time—it’s not a race. To reduce the risk of injury, shovel for about 5 to 7 minutes, then take a 2- to 3-minute break.

Use proper posture and technique. Always push snow rather than lift it. If you must lift snow:

If your snowblower does the heavy lifting, review this snowblower safety article before firing it up.

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