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Check In On Your Fire Extinguisher

Keep it ready with these maintenance tips.

Is your home fire extinguisher buried in the back of a kitchen cupboard, or covered by a layer of dust on your workbench?

If you’re like many homeowners, you don’t think about this important home safety tool very often. But to be functional when needed, your extinguisher needs some basic maintenance. Starting this month establish a habit of regular safety inspections using these tips:

What to Check Monthly

Every month perform a visual inspection of your portable fire extinguisher. Always follow the manufacturer’s maintenance instructions for your specific extinguisher. In addition:

What to Do Annually

Once each year have your extinguishers inspected and maintained by a licensed technician following standards established by the National Fire Protection Association. During these thorough checks your extinguisher is tested, and any necessary repairs made. A current inspection tag affixed to the unit after the annual inspection reminds you that the service is current. Always check your owner’s manual for the inspection requirements specified for your extinguisher.

What to Do Anytime

Learn more fire safety tips during Fire Prevention Week noted each October.

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