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Wildfire Safety Tips to Protect Your Family & Home

Learn how to stay safe from potential fires.

When a wildfire moves across the landscape, prevention is key to saving lives and property. Play it safe with these tips:

Build Smart
When building or remodeling your home, use fire-resistant materials. Outfit chimneys and stovepipes with spark arresters. Mark your house with fire-resistant signs and address numbers.

Eliminate Combustibles
Regularly clean debris from all roofs and gutters. Keep firewood, wood fences and other flammables away from structures.

Landscape for Safety
Create a firebreak around your home with fire-safe plants and fire-resistant landscaping. Learn more about safer landscaping.

Keep Fire Tools Handy
If you can do so safely, battling a small blaze may be an option. Be prepared with a ladder tall enough to reach the roof, a long hose, and a shovel, rake and buckets.

Heed Evacuation Orders
If time permits, before leaving, wet the roof and any shrubs within 15 feet of your house. Create an emergency kit with important items and store it in a safe and easy-to-reach place. Supplies for your kit should include:

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