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Keep your car in top condition with our seasonal tips and safety information. Find out what to do in emergency situations and how to deal with inclement weather that could affect your driving. We also answer common auto insurance questions.

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Keep your home safe with our maintenance tips and safety ideas. We offer guidance on what to do for regular upkeep of your home throughout the year. We also answer common home insurance questions.

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Keep your business running smoothly with these tips and insights. From liability coverage to protecting your assets, we’ll help you maintain peace of mind.

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Take care of your valuables with our maintenance ideas and safety tips. We'll help you protect your favorite belongings indoors and out, including your technology, recreational, and home maintenance equipment. We also answer common insurance questions.

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Keep your loved ones safe both online and offline with our helpful advice and information. Our articles can help you reduce your risk and raise your awareness about situations that can affect your personal and online safety, including identity theft protection.

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As the nation's leading provider of employer-sponsored auto and homeowners insurance, MetLife Auto & Home insures nearly 1.7 million households countrywide. Our Claims promise is to be there when our customers need us most—providing superior insurance coverage with fewer gaps and surprises.


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Tornado Safety Tips to Protect Your Family & Home

Natural disasters can be deadly. Learn how to protect your family and your home from tornadoes.

More tornadoes occur in the U.S. each year than any other country. Stay safe during these violent storms by arming yourself with knowledge.

Where tornadoes occur: These violent, rotating columns of air have been sighted throughout the United States, but most occur on the central plains east of the Rocky Mountains and west of the Appalachian Mountains.

When to spot a tornado: Tornadoes can strike any time of year, but peak times are March through May in southern states and summer in northern states.

Warning signs of a tornado: Common signs of a tornado are a dark, sometimes greenish, sky; wall clouds; loud roar like a freight train; hail or rain followed by sudden calm or fast wind shift; and whirling debris, even if a funnel cloud is not visible. If you suspect a tornado is nearby, take immediate precautions:

No matter where you’re taking shelter, be sure to stay in place until the all-clear is given because severe thunderstorms often accompany tornadoes.

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