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Lightning’s Impact on Your Home

Lightning can damage many items in and around the house. Here’s how to help protect them.

A lightning strike carries up to 1 billion volts of electricity. That can be some serious shock to your home, with the following items being susceptible.

If it’s plugged in, lightning can get it. You can help protect electronics two ways: Use power strips with a clamping voltage of 400 volts or less (give hard workers like your computer their own strips for better protection) or have a surge protector installed. It redirects any abnormal electricity spikes into the ground.

Avoid using plugged-in electronics during or immediately after a thunderstorm — the extra electricity could shock you too.

Lightning can travel along metal pipes, so remember not to touch exposed plumbing, take a shower or bath, or use the faucet during a storm. To help protect your home’s plumbing, consider a lightning protection system. It diverts lightning away from the house with lightning rods, conductor cables and grounding rods.

Metal Objects
Metal window or door frames, among others, can conduct electricity when lightning strikes. Be sure to keep your distance during or soon after a thunderstorm.

Not only can lightning strike a tree, but it also can jump from the tree to your home. Placing lightning rods in trees helps guide the lightning away from the house.

If lightning damages your home, contact your insurance agent as soon as possible. They can help you determine next steps.

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