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How to Insure Your Home Against Mold

Find out whether your homeowners insurance policy covers mold removal.

Q. What provisions in a typical homeowners insurance policy covers mold removal? Is an extra premium required?

A. Generally, mold, fungus and dry or wet rot are covered only if they result from damage to something caused by a covered peril. However, if mold starts to grow in your home because of improper or inadequate home maintenance, the policy does not provide coverage.

Your homeowners policy tackles mold issues in many instances. Let’s say you are on vacation when a drain backs up, soaking your carpeting. By the time you discover the damage a week later, mold has started to grow. If your policy has Back Up of Sewer, Drain and Sump Pump Coverage, MetLife Auto & Home pays the costs to repair or replace the carpeting—and clean any mold—up to the insurance limit. In some states, Back Up coverage is optional; in others it’s automatically provided. Check your policy’s declarations to confirm whether you have this valuable coverage and the limit on how much it pays. Various limits, from $2,000 to $250,000, are offered in nearly all states.

The presence of mold makes even the simplest situation complicated; coverages and limits vary from state to state. Contact your MetLife Auto & Home representative for specific answers relating to your policy.

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