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Emergency: How to Deal with Frozen Water Pipes

Don’t let frozen pipes become an emergency. Learn how to deal with frozen plumbing to keep your water running all winter long.

It’s wintertime, and you want to brew some hot tea to warm up. But when you turn on the faucet, there’s no water. Frozen pipes could be the reason.

Keep them from becoming a costly problem by following these three simple steps:

  1. Shut off the water line. Most are in the basement.
  2. Determine why the water line has frozen. Your heat off, a window has been left open in the basement, or a crack in your home’s foundation is blowing cold air onto a pipe.
  3. Conduct a leak check after water service has been restored. Ice expands. This can damage plumbing lines and cause slow leaks that lead to rot and mold. To check for leaks, shut off all sinks and tubs. Then check to see if the dial on your water meter is still moving.

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