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How to Know Whether You Need Flood Insurance

Many homeowners policies don’t cover floods. Know the risks and your coverage options.

It’s a good idea to think about flood insurance because standard homeowners policies exclude flood coverage. You can find out whether your property is in a low-, moderate- or high-risk flood area by entering your address into the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Keep in mind, however, that a fourth of all flood claims are from people who don’t live in high-risk areas. And because of the recent boom in new housing developments, the land’s natural runoff pattern might have changed from what a 10-year-old flood map shows.

MetLife Auto & Home is proud to offer our customers flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program and Federal Emergency Management Agency, and it covers more than just your home’s structure. It also covers debris removal, damage to your contents and more. Contact your local MetLife Auto & Home representative, call one of our flood specialists toll-free at 877-638-0022, or get a quote online at

You may also visit the MetLife Auto & Home flood home page for more information about flood insurance.

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