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Easily Create a Home Inventory

A home inventory is essential to making sure you are properly insured. Learn how to easily list all your belongings.

Q. I need to update my home insurance policy and have yet to inventory my contents. Do you have any suggestions that make this overwhelming task less daunting?

A. Use a digital camera or video camera to make a photographic inventory of your home’s contents. Go room to room, making a 360-degree turn while collecting images. Don’t forget to take photos of storage areas such as closets and the garage. Once your photo record is complete, write down descriptions of each item. This guide can help. Be sure to include where you bought each item and how much you paid. Store your inventory in a secure place outside your home, like a safe deposit box.

Why do this? If disaster strikes, you’ll have a complete list of your belongings, which you’ll need as part of an insurance claim. If your life is upended by a disaster, it’s difficult to create an accurate and complete inventory from memory.

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