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Driver-Improvement Course Discount

Learn how to stay safe on the road and get a discount on your auto insurance.

At MetLife Auto & Home®, we want to promote your safety, but we also want to help keep down the cost of your auto insurance. To achieve this, we’ve arranged for the National Safety Council (NSC) to offer a driver-improvement course exclusively for MetLife Auto & Home policyholders. (You must have been licensed for at least two years.) For your convenience, the course is available online.

Completing a MetLife Auto & Home-approved driver-improvement course such as this one may make you eligible for a discount.* When you complete NSC’s online driver-improvement course test with a score of 80 percent or better, NSC (with your permission) notifies MetLife Auto & Home. In states where authorized, we initiate your auto discount—each year for three years—on major auto coverages. Also, we send you a reminder at the end of the third year to renew your certificate to continue saving money on your auto insurance.

To complete NSC’s driver-improvement course, visit The cost is only $21.95. When registering for the course, be sure to have your policy number, name, date of birth, driver’s license number and a valid email address. For more information about this program, call 1-800-392-8594.

Note: Our driver-improvement course discount is available only in select states. You can verify whether your state allows us to offer you a discount for a self-instructed course here.

MetLife Auto & Home also provides discounts for other driver-improvement courses in addition to those offered by the National Safety Council, based on state law or standard filing limitations. (Prices may vary.) Some states require the course to be of longer duration for insurance discounts or to be taught in a classroom setting. Fees may vary and restrictions may apply.

*Discount for completing an approved driver-improvement course is subject to individual qualification and local availability.

**MetLife Auto & Home reserves the right to alter and/or cancel the program at any time.

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