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Take Care with Keyless Ignitions

Today’s systems are convenient — but some may come with a few drawbacks. Here’s what you should know before starting your car.

For many drivers today, starting their car is simply a matter of pushing a button. Keyless ignition is currently offered on many new vehicles.

Advantages of a keyless ignition system
In a keyless system, drivers carry a transmitter fob instead of a key. A customized chip in the fob “talks” to sensors in the car and allows the driver to start the engine with the push of a button.

The benefits of these systems are appealing. The car senses the presence of the fob — even when it’s in a purse, pocket, or briefcase — so there’s no need to fumble for it, as might be the case with a key. Drivers with arthritis find it easier to push a button than turn a key. Plus, thieves have a much harder time trying to steal a car without an ignition lock to pick.

Safety issues with keyless ignitions
As convenient as they are, keyless ignitions aren’t without drawbacks:

Play it safe
As keyless ignition technology evolves and becomes more widespread, new practices are helping to make the systems safer:

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