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Emergency: How to Deal with Black Ice on the Road

Learn how to stop the slide and get home safely.

Winter roads can be dangerous, especially when there’s ice. Ramps, bridges and overpasses freeze first, making them especially hazardous. Stay safe on slippery sections of roadway by knowing how to drive safely on ice and correct your car if you lose control.

Watch your speed
Maintain control of your vehicle on icy roads by matching your speed to the road conditions. Take extra precaution on curves and turns by slowing down in advance.

Correct your car properly
To bring a sliding car under control, remove your foot from the accelerator and brake pedals. Meanwhile, turn the steering wheel in the direction you want the front wheels to go, and continue steering and countersteering. If your vehicle has an anti-lock braking system (ABS), depress the brake pedal as hard as possible until the vehicle stops moving. In vehicles with Electronic Stability Control (ESC), the car applies the ABS automatically. Consult your owner’s manual for information about your vehicle’s type of brakes.

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