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Avoid Cute and Cuddly Distractions

Children and pets can take your focus off the road.

In 2017, approximately 285,000 people were injured in car accidents involving distracted driving. Cell phones aren’t the only risk—children and pets can also distract you.

Did you know that driving with children is 12 times more dangerous than talking on the phone? One study observed that parents with children in the car had their eyes off the road about a fifth of the time during a 16-minute trip! When you turn around to check on the kids, hand them food or play around, your attention is diverted from the road.

Many owners regularly drive with their pets and are distracted by petting, feeding and playing with the animals—some even hold their pets in their laps while driving.

The Solution
Though it can be hard to pull your attention away from your child or pet while driving, doing so is necessary for their safety and that of other drivers. Use these tips to avoid distracted driving:

Find out more information about traveling safely with children in the car.

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