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What to Do If Your Car is Hit in a Parking Lot

Learn about the reporting procedures if your car is struck in a parking lot hit-and-run.

Q. My car was struck in a hit-and-run while it was parked at work. Do I need a police report in order to make a claim? How long do I have to report it to MetLife Auto & Home®?

A. If it’s clear that another vehicle hit your car, look to your collision insurance for coverage. If an object such as a shopping cart struck your vehicle, your comprehensive insurance may be the solution. The caveat: Notify MetLife Auto & Home as soon as possible — you’ll need to complete the proof of loss by 91 days or within the number of days required by law. Even better, call MetLife Auto & Home to address your specific claim. Do not get your vehicle repaired before contacting your insurance company because a claim adjuster may need to inspect the damage.

Police reporting requirements vary by state. In Maryland, for example, police respond to an accident only if there are injuries or if at least one of the vehicles is undrivable. Call your police department’s non-emergency number to determine your state’s policy.

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