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Is Your Adult Child Required to be Covered While Deployed?

Depending on your home state and auto loan status, you may be able to drop your coverage. Find out here.

Q. My son is in the military and stationed overseas. Is he required to keep his car insured while deployed? There is an outstanding loan on the car.

A. The answer has two parts: liability and physical damage coverage. Most states require car owners to purchase liability insurance. If your son’s car will not be driven by anyone while he is deployed, it may be legal in some states to suspend liability coverage.

Physical damage coverages, such as comprehensive and collision, are not mandated by states. However, many lenders require borrowers to carry auto physical damage coverage regardless of whether the owner drives the car or not. That’s because even a parked car could be stolen, damaged by fire, or vandalized, and the lender wants to make sure its investment is protected. Your son should call the company that holds his loan to discuss options.

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