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How to Handle Test-Drives When Selling Your Car

Test-drives, accidents and theft: Find out your coverage when selling your car to a private buyer.

Q. If I advertise to sell my car and someone asks to take a test-drive, what do I do? Should I ask to see their driver’s license and proof of auto insurance? What happens if the driver has an accident?

A. More and more people are selling their cars themselves. You’re smart to want to protect yourself. If a potential buyer asks to test-drive your car, ask to see a copy of his or her driver’s license to check that it’s valid. Your MetLife Auto & Home auto policy covers you in the event of an accident—whether you drive your car or someone else drives it with your permission. See your policy for details.

In any case, always keep your personal safety in mind. If a buyer makes you feel uncomfortable, cut the visit short. Always take a cell phone with you, and plan the route you take in advance. Then accompany the buyer as a passenger during the test-drive.

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