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Does the Babysitter Need to Be Added to Your Car Insurance?

Learn more about covered drivers on your policy.

Q. My 19-year-old babysitter drives my children to school, soccer practice and dance lessons. Do I need to add her to my auto policy? Are there risks associated with her driving?

A. This is a situation in which many parents find themselves. Your MetLife Auto & Home auto policy covers you in the event of an accident, whether you drive, or your babysitter drives with your permission. See your policy for restrictions. You don’t need to add her to your auto policy. However, you should be aware that drivers under age 20 have the highest rate of involvement in fatal crashes of any age group. For safety’s sake, minimize distractions by insisting that your babysitter not talk or text on a cell phone while driving, and keep the radio turned down low or, better yet, off.

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