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Are You Covered if Someone Else Drives Your Car?

You may not always be able to drive your own car. Find out if you’re covered in the event a family member or friend drives you around.

Q. I can’t drive temporarily for health reasons. If I allow my 16-year-old granddaughter to drive me places, is she covered? What about me and my car?

A. You’re fortunate to have such a caring granddaughter. We’re also here to take care of you—and your car. Your MetLife Auto & Home auto insurance covers you in the event of an accident, whether you drive the car or your granddaughter is behind the wheel (with your permission).

But we should remind you that young drivers often lack critical on-the-road experience. Unfortunately, statistics show that drivers under age 20 have the highest rate of involvement in fatal crashes of any age group. To keep both of you safe, be sure to minimize distractions while driving. Consider turning the radio off and forbidding cell phone use, which is illegal in many states. Be sure your granddaughter is clear about your rules, whether you ride with her or not.

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