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Protect Your Home and Car from Hail

Learn how to prevent damage caused by heavy hailstorms.

Protecting your possessions is simple but requires planning. Choose the right materials when building, keep tabs on the weather, and park your car somewhere safe. Here’s how:

Hail 101
Hail often occurs during a thunderstorm. It forms when strong winds carry raindrops high into the atmosphere, where they freeze into various-size droplets and fall back to earth. The average hailstone is about the size of a pea or marble. But falling at considerable speed, it can damage your home and car. To determine your needed level of protection, recognize the frequency of hailstorms in your area. From there, follow these guidelines to keep your home and car safe.

Protect Your Home
A good roof is your home’s first defense against hail. To evaluate yours, consider the following:

Siding also is vulnerable to hail damage. One popular choice for durability is fiber cement siding. This material is an extremely strong compound made from water, wood pulp, fly ash and portland cement.

Protect Your Car
A hailstorm can severely damage or even total your car. Try these tips to help minimize or prevent damage:

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