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Clean Snow and Ice off Your Car

How to ensure visibility without damaging your vehicle.

Cleaning off your vehicle after a snowfall may take time and effort and keep you from departing when you want to. But doing so is important: Any leftover snow or ice could obstruct your view or fly off and strike other vehicles. And, in some states, you can be fined if your car isn’t cleared.

To prevent accidents and avoid a ticket, make it a point to fully clean your windshield, windows, hood, roof, trunk and mirrors before hitting the road. Here’s how to do it without scratching, scuffing or otherwise marring your vehicle’s surfaces.

Clearing Off Snow and Ice

You could damage the body of your vehicle if you’re not careful when cleaning it. It’s easy, though, to avoid dents, scratches and cracks with these tips:

Preventing Snow and Ice Buildup

Snow and ice are frustrating, especially when you have to spend time in the cold clearing your car. Be proactive by using these tips:

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