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Is Your Music Equipment Covered While You’re on the Road?

Learn what your homeowners policy covers and when you might want to add additional coverage for your equipment.

Q. I’m a weekend musician who owns some pretty decent equipment. Is it covered while I’m transporting it to the gig and while at the gig?

A. It depends. Yes, standard home insurance does provide limited coverage for musical equipment. But there are restrictions. If you use the instruments and equipment in a business for economic gain, even if only part-time and for modest income, most homeowners policies cap the coverage amount at a low limit. This is even lower if the equipment is damaged, lost or stolen outside your home. The policy reimburses you only for damages from named perils such as fire and lightning. It doesn’t cover bizarre and unusual happenings, such as an overeager fan who spills a pitcher of beer onto your equipment, or a mysterious instrument disappearance.

So if you’re an amateur who plays for fun or professionally, consider adding Scheduled Personal Property (SPP) to your policy. SPP lets you choose the amount of insurance and covers almost anything that could happen to your musical equipment, without any deductible. Most standard policies limit coverage on instruments used professionally. Contact MetLife Auto & Home about your options. See policy for restrictions.

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