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Your Auto

Keep your car in top condition with our seasonal tips and safety information. Find out what to do in emergency situations and how to deal with inclement weather that could affect your driving. We also answer common auto insurance questions.

Your Home

Keep your home safe with our maintenance tips and safety ideas. We offer guidance on what to do for regular upkeep of your home throughout the year. We also answer common home insurance questions.

Your Business

Keep your business running smoothly with these tips and insights. From liability coverage to protecting your assets, we’ll help you maintain peace of mind.

Your Belongings

Take care of your valuables with our maintenance ideas and safety tips. We'll help you protect your favorite belongings indoors and out, including your technology, recreational, and home maintenance equipment. We also answer common insurance questions.

Your Protection

Keep your loved ones safe both online and offline with our helpful advice and information. Our articles can help you reduce your risk and raise your awareness about situations that can affect your personal and online safety, including identity theft protection.

Your Trusted Solutions

Conquer your to-do list with discounts and access to seasoned professionals for home repairs, renovations and household tasks.

Commercial Insurance

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About MetLife Auto & Home

As the nation's leading provider of employer-sponsored auto and homeowners insurance, MetLife Auto & Home insures nearly 1.7 million households countrywide. Our Claims promise is to be there when our customers need us most—providing superior insurance coverage with fewer gaps and surprises.


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Your company and you, as a representative of MetLife, have been outstanding. You have been professional, courteous and understanding with my loss. I thank you for the service given me. You have taken care of me and I am extremely grateful. ... more

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Whenever we make decisions on what company to insure with many times we let everything fall to price and lose sight of what the interaction will be like when you actually might have to file a claim. The experience with the process as well as the people is a reason I will recommend MetLife to my friends and family when they ask me who I use for auto and home insurance. ... more

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Wow! I cannot believe how quickly and efficiently this claim was handled! You guys rock! Thanks so much for making this a (relatively) painless process. I have heard so many horror stories about people with homeowner claims getting treated badly. The exact opposite happened to us. ... more

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Gary, the adjuster that is handling my claim walked me through the whole process that was going to take place and explained everything in great detail to make sure I understood. He has stayed in touch with me, kept me up-to-date with everything and has made sure I have had what I needed along the way. ... more

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It has been a pleasure to work with you and our contractor, Kevin, sorting out this claim. We have been extremely satisfied (and relieved) by your excellent service and your reasonable and fair approach. You have the perfect demeanor to put customers at ease in a stressful situation. ... more

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