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Shopping List for Hurricane Season

Know what to pick up to prepare your home for the season.

Hurricane season starts in June, so it’s best to get your home ready well ahead of time. Here’s what to pick up at the local home-improvement store to help your house stand up to strong winds and high water.

To help prevent window glass from shattering, board up windows with precut 5/8-inch plywood. Attach anchors and pre-drill holes ahead of time so you can put up the plywood as soon as you hear the storm warning.

Pruning Shears
Trim any loose tree limbs to keep them from flying during high winds. Also cut any branches that face your home to help keep the tree from falling toward the house. Remove any damaged or dead trees.

To keep water out, seal any openings around cables, pipes, windows, and doors.

Portable Generator
If the power goes out, you’ll want one handy. You also can have a permanent generator installed: It automatically turns on after an outage, runs more quietly than a portable generator, and doesn’t require gas for fuel.

Roofing Cement + Trowel or Putty Knife
To help prevent leaks, secure roof shingles with roofing cement. Apply it with a trowel or putty knife.

Extra Door Hinges
Make sure any exterior doors have at least three hinges and a 1-inch deadbolt. Additional head and foot bolts can help keep doors shut and attached to their frames.

Gutter Screws
Secure gutters to help prevent them from detaching during high-speed winds. While you’re at it, check that the gutters are free of debris so excess water can flow normally.

Water Cooler
Keep a cooler stocked with fresh water in case none is available after a storm. You’ll want about four gallons for each person in your household, including pets.

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