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How to Tarp a Roof – Hurricane Preparedness

Learn how to tarp a roof to limit the damage that a leaky roof may cause after a hurricane.

This video from Lowe’s will explain how to find a roof leak and how to fix a roof leak temporarily with a roof tarp after a heavy storm.

After a large storm, hiring a professional to fix a roof leak may take some time due to high demand. In this time period, installing a tarp to your roof is essential to prevent further water damage.

First, clean the debris from your roof. Locate the leaking area by looking for broken or missing shingles or panels, and check the underside of the sheathing in the attic for water stains. Then, unroll the tarp over the damaged area, allowing 4 feet to overhang the peak. Use cap nails to attach the tarp to 2×4’s. Wrap the tarp around the board and anchor the tarp and 2×4 to the roof with screws.

Next, attach 2x4s to the edges of the tarp on the peak side. On the other end, nail the tarp to a 2×4, wrap the tarp around the board, and screw it to the underside.

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