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Prevent Holiday Theft

Protect your home and belongings from break-ins, burglaries and other thefts during the holidays.

Keep your holidays merry and bright by taking precautions to deter thieves.

While You’re Away
A quiet house is a prime target for thieves. Be careful to avoid advertising that you’re away from home—even if just for a few hours. Never post your travel plans on social media or leave a note on the door announcing when you plan to return. If you expect packages to arrive while you’re gone, have a trusted neighbor collect them for safekeeping, or ask the courier to deliver the boxes straight to the neighbor’s house.

While You’re Home
Leaving expensive gifts or evidence of big purchases in plain sight can tip off thieves about the valuables inside your home. Close your window shades, or remove valuable items—wrapped and unwrapped—from an outsider’s view. Also, break down boxes for big-ticket gifts, and on garbage day place them inside your trash can or recycle bin rather than on the curb.

While You’re Shopping
You’re also at risk for theft while you shop for holiday gifts. Follow these safety tips to help keep yourself and your belongings safe from thieves:

Once the hustle and bustle of the holidays are over, take time to evaluate your gifts and determine whether you’re adequately insured. Get tips from MetLife Auto & Home for updating your home inventory.

Finally, check out our Mastering Disaster video for some inexpensive and simple steps you can take to protect your home from theft.

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