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Does Your Policy Cover Damage from Wildlife?

Mother Nature is known for her beauty and, unfortunately, her destructive powers. Find out if you’re covered.

Does Your Policy Cover Damage from Wildlife?

Q. My wife’s coworker bought a new, very expensive grill that a black bear destroyed after a recent cookout. We have bears in our backyard too, which makes me wonder: Would my grill be covered if a bear destroyed it?

A. You’ve just given new meaning to the term “crashing the party.” Most homeowners, condo or renters policies cover personal property, such as a backyard grill, but only for loss caused by named perils. Unfortunately, loss from animals is not one of them. However, if a bear damages your house or shed, that loss is covered.

If you have Platinum or GrandProtect® insurance, we pay to replace a grill destroyed by a bear. But animal lovers take note: Your insurance doesn’t cover damage caused by animals owned or kept by you or a person who regularly resides at your house.

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